Makeup and beauty products that do double-duty

Save time, money, and space in your makeup kit with these products that can be used in different ways.

Use lip balm to tame flyaways
Aiming for a sleek hairdo, but flyaways ruining your look? Reach for that handy lip balm to ease your distress. Take a little bit of product on your fingertips and run your fingers over the problem areas. Remember not to use too much product or your hair will look greasy. You can also use it to hide hair damage and split ends; just dab some on the ends of your hair for a smooth look.
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Brow pencil as eyeliner
Stuck without an eyeliner? Your eyebrow pencil can do double duty as a pencil eyeliner. The key is to sharpen the brow pencil, as that will help with precise application and make the task easier for you. If you’re wary of getting definition you could use the eyebrow pencil to draw a hashtag near the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it out for a quick smokey eye.

Try cream blush on your lips
Cream blush is a great way to get a natural colour on your cheeks, without looking very powdery. But don’t stop there, cream blush can also be used to add a dash of colour to the lips. With your middle finger lightly tap on some cream blush on to your lips. Start from the centre and move outward for a sheer, glossy look that complements your cheeks.
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Bronzer can fill in for eyeshadow
Use a bronzer to create a great smokey eye for the daytime. Start with a wide brush and apply the bronzer on your eyelids. Blend well to get a wash of colour. Then take a smaller brush and run the bronzer along your lash line. Layer the powder so as to get a more concentrated colour. Then blend well for an easy smokey eye.
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Vaseline, the multitasking powerhouse
Vaseline is a powerhouse product that can double up in a host of different ways. You can use it as a substitute for mascara. Take a little between two fingertips and spread it along your eyelashes. The result is darker, thicker, and defined lashes without the raccoon eye effect. You can also use vaseline as a highlighter, cuticle cream, a way to control unruly brows and turn a matte lipstick into a glossy one.
Photograph: Kiyok/Wikimedia Commons

Hair conditioner as shaving gel
The next time you run out of shaving gel, don’t reach out for the body wash, instead slather on some hair conditioner. It will soften hair so that you get a better shave and leave you feeling silky smooth. A little goes a long way and works no matter where you’re shaving.

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