Makeup tips for dusky-skinned beauties

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Mastering these essentials will help you play up your gorgeous natural skin tone.

Be smart with your foundation
Evening out darker complexions can be a bit tricky at times. Sometimes you’re battling an uneven skin tone, dark circles, or hyper-pigmentation. All of which mean you need to work with different foundation shades. Go for your natural shade on the perimeter of your face and a slightly lighter shade in the centre. Blend well so that there aren’t any obvious lines. This trick with two foundation shades will make your face look brighter and even out any discolorations.
Photograph: beautybodypearl / Instagram

Swatch foundation on your jawline
Many make the mistake of trying out foundations on their hand. You’re not going to apply your foundation there, so why bother trying it on there. The skin tone for your hand and face will not be the same. So you should always swatch foundation shades on your jawline to find a shade that’s the perfect match for you. It also helps to see how the shade looks under the sunlight and with flash photograph. So do both before picking up a product.
Photograph: marialaxamana / Instagram

Get blushing
When we think of blush, our mind automatically goes to the colour pink. However, pinks don’t always suit darker skin tones. Also avoid beiges and browns as these will make your skin look dull. Instead pick shades like coral, dark peach, deep orange, wine, and rose to add warmth. Coral and rose blushes are great for the daytime, while wine and plum are good choices for the night.

Yes, you can use bronzers
Think bronzers are just for light-skinned beauties? Think again! Don’t be under the misconception that a bronzer will make you look darker. Rather your skin will benefit from the glow and contour. To ace the sun-kissed look, pick a warm bronzer that’s two shades deeper than you skin tone. Apply it strategically (and lightly) to your temples (near the hairline), along the sides of your face, under your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose, and along your jawline.

On the lips
When it comes to the lips, stay away from lipsticks that have a frosty or pearly finish, as they don’t flatter your skin tone. Instead go for lipsticks with intense colour pigments like burgundy, berry, plum, chocolate, and coffee. Deep reds work for all complexions, but look especially gorgeous on dusky skin.
Photograph: sobhitad / Instagram

Play with eye makeup
Although most eyeshadow colours work on dusky skin, there are a few that stand out. Highly pigmented shades like coral, violet, fuchsia, rose gold, copper, teal, and red really bring out the beauty of dark eyes. Metallics also look wonderful on dusky skin and enhance the eyes to make you look like a diva. The same goes for eyeliners.
Photograph: priyankachopra / Instagram

Go for warm highlights
There’s nothing like a dab of highlighter to make you look like a dewy goddess. Those with caramel skin should opt for champagne and gold highlighters. Those that are white or silver toned won’t work with your complexion. Highlighters go on all the high planes of your face. So apply some under your brow bone to give the illusion of larger eyes, and dab some above your cheekbone, on your chin, and down the length of your nose. Remember to blend it in well so that it looks more natural.
Photograph: deepikapadukone / Instagram