The Making of a World-Renowned Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Sasha Carrion


Some people come into a particular line of work after much thought.  That wasn’t the case for Sasha Carrion, LA’s top Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.  For her, the tragedies that she experienced in her childhood, her own mistakes and her road to self-healing, set her up for the work that she has now been doing for over 10 years.

Tell us about how you got into this line of work?

“It all started when my sister and I were left abandoned in our family home when we were 3 and 5.  We would later be raised by our maternal grandmother who was suffering from mental illness herself.  It wasn’t until I was an adult woman that I found out the truth of what had happened so many years ago.  It was then that I decided to work on myself.  In retrospect, I think I had already gotten used to experiencing anxiety and depression, until it got so severe that I had to do something about it.  I no longer had a choice,” comments Sasha.

Traditional therapy didn’t work for Sasha.  Desperate, she became compelled to look into other ways of healing herself.  “Ironically, what was once the source of so much pain, anxiety and grief is now the backbone of the work that I do with my clients.  It’s what helps me to really understand where my clients are coming from.  Only when you’ve gone through certain things yourself can you really truly understand somebody who is currently going through something similar,” says Sasha.

Your story is something many readers can surely relate to.  Now, go in detail and tell us about how your brand works.

“My goal is to empower people to take control of their lives regardless of the past.  I’ve found that more often than not, the source of our fears, doubts and limiting beliefs are all rooted in our past.  Even when negative situations pop up in our current lives, they are usually just re-opening old scabs, giving us the opportunity to heal ourselves.  I help people to break free from old shackles and create the lives they want to live.”  

What eye-opening idea did I get from Sasha?

Sasha believes that each and every person, given the right tools and commitment to healing can change their lives for the better.  In a very positive tone, she tells me, “Regardless of whether things have been absolutely horrible in the past, it is possible to heal oneself and be the best very of oneself that one can be.”

So what makes Sasha different?  

To put it simply, Sasha uses her powers of empathy and understanding to really connect to her clients while creating a safe yet mind-shifting experience that results in breakthroughs.

What do her clients have to say about her work?

“Sasha is truly gifted!”  Carole G.

“I honestly did not think it would work on me but it did. . . I honestly credit Sasha with helping me overcome things that I didn’t even realize I needed to overcome.”  Diane M.  

“Sasha’s hypnotherapy sessions saved my life.  I was able to rediscover myself, realize the dreams I have, and understand that my future is full of many amazing roads to travel.  I’m stronger and more confident than ever before.”  Joe D.

Tell us your future vision for your brand.  How are you taking it to the next level? 

I am now in the process of launching a new line of self-help products called Mental Mantras.  Each and every item comes with a guided meditation that you can use to anchor a particular mindset into your mind.  So for example, my “She Believed She Could, So She Did” bracelets come with an empowering guided meditation that was made to fuel and uplift women.  My “I’m Thirsty” bottles come with a guided meditation that makes it so that you crave to drink more water during your waking hours.  To see the products, feel free to go to

What message would you like to give to anybody who would like to create something of their own and be successful?

Right now, the advice that I am compelled to share is that the most important thing that you can do for yourself is commit to yourself and your well-being.  You must have you on your own team.  That alone can be a game changer!  Everything else will drop into place.  

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