Malaika Arora offers a sneak peek into her vegan ‘dabba’

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Fit as a fiddle Malaika Arora gives a glimpse into her low-carb vegan diet. (Photo: Malaika Aroa/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

Good and balanced diet is as much a part of one's life as physical activity is. Stressing on the importance of a healthy diet that is also tasty, actor and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora took to Instagram and shared a quick, healthy recipe. The vegan dish recipe was a part of #WhatsInYourDabba challenge initiated by actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna.

Take a look!

The recipe Zucchini Noodles with Red Bell Pepper Sauce had all the ingredients that made it look tempting.

Arora went on to share the recipe.


1 cup - Zucchini noodles
2tbsp - Olive oil
2 no - Cloves
1 no - Crushed garlic
1 no - Chopped red bell pepper
Oregano to taste
Salt to taste
Lime Wedge


*Skin the zucchini. Scrape of thin strips lengthwise.
*In a pan, heat two tbsp olive oil.
*Add two cloves, crushed garlic, oregano, chopped red bell peppers and sauté till soft.
*Add the zucchini, salt to taste and sauté for a min. Remove and serve with a lime wedge.

Did you know these benefits of zucchini noodles?

In hindsight, the consistency and texture of zucchini noodles or zoodles looks like regular spaghetti. But the similarity ends there. From a pasta substitute to a salad star, the healthy and low carb noodles make for some delicious meals.

*It packs a nutritious punch due to the presence of potassium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and no cholesterol and almost zero fat.

*It is also said that the high water content (about 95 per cent) helps one feel fuller for longer. The water content also helps the body maintain its hydration levels.

*A cup of zucchini noodles is low in calories when compared to a cup of pasta or spaghetti.

*The calcium found in zoodles helps keep the bones strong and aid in the prevention of osteoporosis. As an important mineral for the bones, calcium is responsible for contracting the muscles and making new bone tissues.

How to pick good zucchini for noodles?

Make sure the squash is firm and has a glossy look to the skin. Discard or do not purchase any that are flexible, soft, or turning brown. When you slice into a ripe zucchini, it should have a buttery texture and the inside will look yellowish, white, or slightly green.