12 of the best shampoos for men with thinning hair

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Losing between 50 to100 strands of hair a day is normal for both men and women, according to the NHS.

But some variables, such as medical conditions, stress, age and genetics, can make hair fall out faster.

Although the only way to expect a fully restored head of hair is with hair restoration surgery, there are many ways to aid thinning hair at home, including switching your shampoo.

Whilst it’s not a solution, using a new hair care product that contains caffeine or has DHT blocking ingredients can give a temporary lift to thin hair, thanks to strengthening properties.

So, if you want to give one a try, here are 12 of the best options around.

1. Thickening Daily Shampoo by House 99 | £16 | Shop here

Why chose: Founded by none other than David Beckham, House 99’s thickening shampoo is infused with polymers, which help to boost volume by 25% and thicken hair.

Star review: “I bought this product in attempt to thicken my hair after trying a load of different products. I can safely say this is the best one i've used and will continue to buy.”

2. Shampoo Extra Strength by Hims | £16 | Shop here

Why chose: The shampoo, which has recently been reformulated based on feedback from hundreds of customers is packed with saw palmetto extract, which helps to reduce DHT, a hormone that contribute to male hair loss.

Star review: "I had been losing hair for years, but with my wedding date fast approaching, I at least wanted to make sure that I had a few hairs left on my head for the pictures. so, I started my hims hair regrowth journey. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that within a few weeks my hair had stopped falling out, and shortly after that, I was seeing thicker hair. big thanks to hims for saving my hair, and wedding photos!"

3. Energizing Shampoo by Davines | £39.65 | Shop here

Why chose: The shampoo stimulates circulation using caffeine phytoceuticals to help improve hair elasticity and prevent loss.

Star review: “My husband tried this and it really has thickened up his hair. It seems stronger and fuller, perhaps even more hair growth, where it was really thinning in the front before.”

4. Caffeine Shampoo by ManCave | £3.85 | Shop here

Why chose: It not only encourages root stimulation using caffeine, but is also vegan-friendly and Cruelty Free Certified.

Star review: “Does exactly what is says and the only one (at least for me) that works in terms of giving volume to my fine hair. I have tried many before but with not satisfying results, this one is a jewel and will keep buying it!”

5. Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo by Mroobest | £16.99 | Shop here

Why chose: The shampoo, for both men and women, helps to boost the development of healthy hair follicles, and strengthen fibers against breakage

Star review: “My hair is getting thicker and stronger with each wash, I'm getting less hair fall when I brush and my hair is much easier to style as it is thicker. I've never had such good results with a thickening shampoo before so I'm really impressed.”

6. Bain Densité Homme Shampoo by Kérastase | £25.95 | Shop here

Why chose: This daily shampoo is specially designed for men to help thicken and densify the hair. The bottle also looks pretty sleek.

Star review: “Husband loves it - only needs to use a small amount, so lasts longer & we can both see improvement in his hair after just going onto the second bottle.”

7. Men's Daily Strengthening Shampoo by Brickell | £20 | Shop here

Why chose: The natural and organic shampoo uses peppermint and tea tree to stimulate the scalp along with soothing aloe vera and silk amino acids.

Star review: I've used multiple different shampoos, and as a 30 year old male with thinning hair I've tried numerous different products for trying to get what I can out of my hair without making it feel bogged down by product. This is so far the best I've tried.”

8. Caffeine Shampoo C1 by Alpecin | £5.99 | Shop here

Why chose: The enhanced caffeine formula that strengthens weakened hair roots has five star reviews and is only £5.99 - what’s the lose?

Star review: “After using the shampoo every morning for the last two weeks, I legit have thicker nicer healthy hair. But it’s not just me noticing. My wife and colleagues at work have mentioned it on separate occasions! I’m astounded but how well it works.”

9. Grow Me Shampoo by Watermans | £12.95 | Shop here

Why chose: Not only is the shampoo cruelty free and comes in a recyclable bottle, but it’s also packed with caffeine, vitamins and antioxidants that are known to have beneficial and protective effects on the scalp.

Star review:Brought for my boyfriend who has a receding hair line on recommendation and he definitely has new hair growing!”

10. Hair Restore Shampoo by Hair Restoration Laboratories | £29.99 | Shop here

Why chose: With DHT blocking ingredients, the shampoo is formulated to effectively prevent thinning hair. It’s also sulfate and parabens free and has a five star rating on Amazon.

Star review: “It is full of many natural ingredients to help hair loss by reducing DHT and nourishing hair follicles. A great product which I will order again when ever this bottle finally becomes empty.”

11. Anti-hair Loss Shampoo by Mr Jamie Stevens | £6.67 | Shop here

Why chose: The formula contains System-PPX, which has been specially crafted by the brand to activate a thickening complex.

Star review: “Made my very fine hair (what's left of it) smell great, feel stronger and look shinier . Don't usually spend a lot on hair products but this is worth the price tag.”

12. Thickening Shampoo by Sachajuan | £20| Shop here

Why chose: Created by one of Stockholms coolest hair salons, the shampoo is enriched with the brand’s signature Ocean Silk Technology, as well as numerous nourishing algae extracts. It also won Best New Shampoo at the The GQ Grooming Awards 2017.

Star review: “This instantly made a difference to the thickness of my hair and I loved that the scent was very subtle.”

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