Mallika Sherawat Recalls The Time When Kamala Harris Made Her Feel 'At Ease' As She Felt 'Like A Fish Out Of Water' In Hollywood

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It was just yesterday when Mallika Sherawat took to her social media handle and shared a throwback picture with Kamala Harris, newly elected Vice President in US election 2020. The actress recalled the time when she was given valuable advice by Kamala back in 2011. The actress who starred in the Hollywood movie, Politics Of Love, had met the vice president to learn the nuances of the character which was inspired by Kamala. The Murder actress also revealed that Kamala made her feel comfortable when she felt out of place.

During her conversation with Times Of India, Kamala advised her to keep her character balanced, she said, “She was extremely helpful when I met her while prepping for Politics of Love. I played a Democrat volunteer who’s half-Indian, half-African-American in the film. I remember she gave me great advice. She had told me to try to keep the character balanced, and the film to represent both sides - the Democrats and the Republicans.” Mallika further shares Kamala ‘gives hope and a voice to the voiceless’

Also, she further shared that Kamala helped her get out of her comfort zone. She said, “I was feeling like a fish out of water in Los Angeles at that time. It was a different country and culture, but Kamala put me at ease. I remember her telling me, ‘Getting out of your comfort zone is good to build character, it will make you a stronger person’.”


Mallika Sherawat

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