Mallika Sherawat Reveals Her Relationship Status And Talks About Embracing Motherhood

Team Latestly

We don't see Mallika Sherawat very often on the screen. So we were more than glad to see her in Alt Balaji's latest web series, Boo Sabki Phategi. While it's good that she is being active and taking on interesting projects, what's happening with her love life? That's one question surely a lot of us have in our minds. The last we heard that she had a French boyfriend by the name of Cyrille Auxenfans. However, in the latest interview with Hindustan Times, the actress has confirmed that she is single.

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“I am single but I would absolutely want to be in love. Romance is great and it is inspiring. Par kaam se fursat mile kaam se toh na romance karu,” she was quoted. Monsoons With Mallika Sherawat: Vadapaav, Fitness and Ghosts Discussed-Video!

Though amidst her busy schedule, she manages to spend some time with nephew Ransher Lamba, her brother Vikram Lamba’s son. So much that Mallika even took him to Cannes Film Festival this year. Talking about him, the actress said, “I am having a ball with him. I don’t have a child of my own, so Ransher is like my baby. I have the best time with him. I play with him, cuddle him, travel with him and enjoy the best moments with him and then give him back to his parents. No nappy changing duties for me."

When she was asked about embracing motherhood, Mallika said that she is not really ready for that responsibility yet. “It is too much of a responsibility which I don’t want. I am petrified of the responsibility of a kid. Abhi toh jaha mann kiya suitcase utha ke chal padi. If I have a child, I would have to think of the child all the time. I will go crazy thinking about which school and all of that. I am happy the way I am,” she was further quoted. Well, having a child is indeed a big responsibility. Mallika might not be ready for that now, but we are sure, she will be one day.