Man attempts to barge into 'Sacred Games' actress' room, arrested

Priyanka Bansal
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Man attempts to barge into
Man attempts to barge into

24 Feb 2021: Man attempts to barge into 'Sacred Games' actress' room, arrested

Elnaaz Norouzi, who is known for her work in the web series Sacred Games, was in for a scary surprise when an unknown man tried to barge into her room at a property in Goa.

She was staying at a friend's property in Anjuna when the incident happened.

Thankfully, her friends and security acted swiftly and caught the person.

Here's what went down.

Details: The man was allowed to go after he apologized

The man was arrested by the Anjuna Police after Norouzi's friends registered a complaint.

The man was said to be from Delhi and his family was also informed about his arrest.

However, he was released later after having submitted a written apology to the actress. He reportedly tried to enter other rooms as well as his phone was found charging in one.

Incident: She decided to stay in Goa after completing a project

The actress, talking about the incident, said that she had wrapped up a shoot in Goa and decided to spend time with friends.

After celebrating a friend's birthday, Norouzi returned to her room. It was then that she saw someone trying to open the door to her room.

She then raised an alarm and eventually the trespasser was caught.

Details: He called Norouzi his girlfriend

The actress revealed that the man also ran to the roof where the birthday party was happening and started telling other guests that Norouzi was his girlfriend.

According to her, the trespasser bypassed the security by talking confidently about her.

"The problem is that the security desk is far from where the rooms are," she was quoted as saying.

Fact: 'It's scary when people do such things'

"The property is at a secluded spot, and very few people frequent the area. My family is very stressed about this incident. My dad wants me to hire private security. It's scary when people do such things," she went on.

Profile: Who is Elnaaz Norouzi?

Norouzi was born in Iran and grew up in Germany.

She caught the fancy of Indian audiences with her portrayal of Zoya in Netflix's hit crime thriller Sacred Games. She also featured in ZEE5's Abhay as Natasha.

The actress has also featured in many music videos such as Made in India by Guru Randhawa and has done numerous advertisements.