Man Caught Carrying 9 iPhones, 8 Drones, 10,000 Memory Cards At Delhi Airport


Everyone usually carries a bunch of gadgets while traveling. Though it is completely legal to carry a few products from one country to another, carrying more than that might get you into trouble.

According to the latest report by ANI, a user carrying electronics goods worth Rs. 2,625,000 has been arrested by customs officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. It looks like someone from the flight company was tipped about the fraudulent activity.

Nine iPhones And Eight Drones

The passenger was carrying six Apple iPhone 11 Pro with 256GB storage and three iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB storage. A total of nine iPhones alone will cost Rs. 9,83,100 in India. However, these iPhones cost much lower in a country like the US and the passenger might have been smuggling these devices to make a profit by selling them in India.

Along with a bunch of iPhones, the passenger was also carrying four DJI drones and four Mi drones. As the report does not specify the model number, it is hard to guess the price of these drones. This story gets even more fascinating as all these gadgets were accompanied by ten thousand memory cards.

Can You Carry Sealed Electronics On Flights?

Yes, it is completely legal to carry one or two sealed electronics on a plane and it will be considered as a device for personal use. However, carrying more than two or three is considered a scam to escape customs.

The person who was carrying these items can get them back by paying a hefty custom on each product, which will make them even more expensive compared to the Indian pricing. So, next time you are flying in a flight make sure to have all the bills (with tax information) to be on the safer side.


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