The new man Deepika Padukone trusts...

From blending eye shadows that appear seamless, to having our facial structures chiselled with the right contour, make-up skills have encompassed more than just artistry in recent times.

Florian Hurel has been in the spotlight recently, for working with Bollywood’s leading ladies such as Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and his frequent muse, Deepika Padukone. He dishes out the trends that will rule 2020, as well as make-up fads that need to be tossed in the bin right away.

Florian reveals that he always knew that his passion was hair and make-up. He states, “At the age of 13 I knew I wanted to be a hair and make-up artist but I was dreaming of what I actually do live right now: Working with the best of the best. The elite, the one who can make the fashion industry change over a look.”

He delves into the finest details to create a look till he’s happy with the outcom When asked about the pressure in a competitive glamour industry, he says, “I always do my job as it is my passion.

I love doing what I am doing on a daily basis, every day a different client. It isn’t the client but you as an artist. It is the way you get yourself always better or never really fully satisfied.

I always have the feeling of doing more, doing better. I try to keep myself out of the comfort zone. Never feel relaxed with any client, always try to understand what would be the best for the look. And then take the pleasure of creating a look and be happy about it.”

Florian has started working with Deepika Padukone quite recently. The actress is known to be extremely organised with her work, including her make-up.

“I always listen to her very attentively and make sure I am in sync what she is looking out for. Communication on the look is important; it’s never about me wanting to execute a particular look, it’s more about what would be best for that very moment,” says Hurel.

Make-up trends that will rule 2020

Neon colours, pastel eye shadows and a fresh make-up look.

Make-up tips for brides-to-be

Use waterproof make-up products

Always go for a trial

Do not experiment or try anything new

Line your lips and use a lip stain

Make-up trends that shouldn’t continue in 2020

Extreme cheek highlighter will take a back seat to subtle glows

Super matte lip products

Glitter, since it is bad for the environment and not much better for your skin