A man murdered his wife and then pretended to be her for a year afterwards

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
Photo credit: Tarpon Springs Police Department

From Cosmopolitan

A man in Florida has been accused of murdering his wife - and then posing as her via mobile phone for a year afterwards in a bid to cover up the crime.

25-year-old Shelby Svensen is currently in police custody, having been charged with murdering his wife, 21-year-old Jamie Ivancic, last January.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Jamie last spoke to her sister, Karma Stewart, over FaceTime on January 25, 2018. During the call, Jamie reportedly told her sibling she said she planned to take her two young children and leave her husband. From then onwards, Karma says she was only ever able to communicate with her sister via text message, occasionally receiving a few pictures of Jamie's children.

What Karma didn't know was that Jamie was no longer alive - and that the messages she had been receiving were likely sent by Svensen posing as his wife.

"I feel betrayed and that I was played," Karma told the Tampa Bay Times. "I didn’t expect the worst when I probably should have."

What led to the discovery of Jamie's body almost a year after her disappearance makes the story all the more harrowing. On New Year’s Day this year, Jamie’s parents - 71-year-old Richard Ivancic and 59-year-old Laura Ivancic, 59 - as well as her 25-year-old brother, Nicholas Ivancic were found dead in their Florida home.

Photo credit: Tarpon Springs Police Department

Svensen was arrested on suspicion of the three killings, but during questioning he revealed that he had also murdered his wife, Jamie, too. Her body was found on January 5, having been buried in the garden of a property she used to live at along with Svensen.

What a terrible, terrible thing to have happened. Our thoughts are with the family's loved ones.

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