Mandy Madden Kelley On Inspiring Lives Through Powerful Skincare as Self-Care

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You have remained a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a ‘woman of impact’ for a good number of years now. Our audience would love to know more about your work. Tell us in detail about it.

My name is Mandy Madden Kelley and I am originally from New Zealand. Although my background is in Law and Marketing, when I moved to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to rediscover myself and gain the courage to get on board a new adventure in my new country. This was and still is something I am passionate about.

I wanted to be part of the beauty and skincare industry. I felt like there was not a single platform out there dedicated to teaching women about beauty and skincare. I decided to share my love for this topic on my blog, as well as my Instagram platform.

For the past couple of years, I have been working alongside some of the industry’s most well-known professionals and luxury brands. However, I still felt like there was a lot of “noise” out there.

I noticed I was receiving a lot of personal messages from girls and women asking how to achieve healthy, glowing and clear skin. Of course, having access to great products helps, but you certainly do not have to purchase a $500 face cream and see instant results. That is when I realized that the ‘secret to glowing is a matter of discipline.’ 

Today, I am on a new journey as a mom, teaching women that you do not have to purchase every product you see advertised to have the skin of your dreams. It is all about clearing out the noise and establishing a simple routine that you can stick with and follow regularly, just like brushing your teeth.

Each woman business owner has her share of highs and lows in her journey. How did you reach this point in your career?

Becoming a mother has allowed me to experience lows but also highs in my journey, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Low: Frankly, before I became a mom, I thought I had it all figured out, and never could have imagined I would ever be facing some of the challenges I had. The billion-dollar question is; How do you balance being a successful businesswoman, without sacrificing your efforts to be the best mom and wife possible?

This will forever be a struggle for all moms out there, and it took me by surprise once I had my daughter, Kaia. I had to learn how to adapt, be open-minded, and let things go. For a while, I did question my identity and purpose in life. But being a mom allowed me to reinvent myself and my business, too.

High: As I stood in our living room simultaneously rocking my newborn to sleep and pumping breast milk, it finally occurred to me: I had to learn how to be efficient with my time to do all the things I needed to do.

This meant I had to make small changes in my lifestyle. The number one change that I do believe is at the core of all this is “self-care.” As moms, we can sometimes feel selfish and embarrassed to take time for ourselves to feel good. However, the act of self-care should be made a priority, because we can’t take care of others if we aren’t healthy ourselves. Self-care goes beyond just getting a facial or massage treatment. It could be anything from permitting yourself to pause, canceling a commitment, or dedicating a day for yourself to clear your mind and spiritual energy.

I felt the most recharged when I got an hour to myself to treat my skin. That is how my quote “good skin is a matter of discipline” was born. I turned this habit into a ritual. Every Sunday evening after putting my daughter to sleep, I would go upstairs to my room and begin my at-home facial while my husband read the newspaper. It made me feel recharged and completely renewed. That is how I decided to completely focus on skincare and dedicate my work to sharing with moms out there how to also find the time and develop their own routine tat home to take care of their complexions. I am grateful for becoming a mom. It has given me a true purpose in life but also in my career.

Do you relate to having a good skincare routine with increased self-confidence? 

I do relate having a good skincare routine with increased self-confidence, but not because of an aesthetic or superficial reason. In my opinion, it is about the feeling I get from creating the right skincare routine for myself and for other women out there. As I shared, I believe a skincare routine is an act of self-care. Self-care becomes self-love, and self-love becomes self-confidence.


How did you discover your passion for skincare? What are some of the biggest steps you have taken to give power to your ideas?

I remember growing up as a little girl, I always looked up to my grandma and the way she took care of herself. She used to brush my hair and apply Amla oil starting from my scalp, all the way to the ends of my hair. She made personal grooming and self-care a priority in her life.

This taught me a lot while I was a girl, and became an integral part of the woman I would grow up to be. She inspired me because she always managed looking flawless while also being a mom, a grandmother and a wife with a career. I spent hours researching and reading about different beauty rituals around the world and how skincare was inspired and created in unique ways across different cultures in history.

Throughout my life, I never stopped applying masks on my face, exfoliating or creating home-made lotions. However, somehow I still thought I would become a lawyer. Can you believe it? It was not only until I met my soulmate, my husband, who encouraged me to follow my passion for skincare and share my knowledge with the world. It was scary at first. I had to take a big risk, changing my career and identity. But, that is what lead me here.

Being a working mother, how do you create a balance between your personal and professional life?

This was something I struggled with as a new mom. I used to find myself working, but not being 100% engaged because I was playing with my daughter or trying to take care of her. Then I would find myself trying to spend time with her but again, not giving her my entire attention and energy because I was allowing thoughts and stress about my work to consume my mind. I realized this split focus was not fair to me or those around me. Now, I create a healthy balance by being clear with my tasks and delegating my time specifically to them.

When I am with Kaia, she gets my full and undivided attention. She gets my love, care, and entire being. Then when it is time to work, I have to make the same distinction. I clear my mind and put all of my energy into my work. I learned that the quality of time is far more important than the quantity of time. This approach helped me not only become more productive but also develop better relationships with the people I love.


What does your day to day schedule look like?

Most days, I wake up at 6:00 am and get ready for my day. By 6:45 am, I start to get my daughter ready for the day and bring her downstairs to breakfast.
Fortunately, that is pretty fast, so at 7:00 am, we have the whole family in the kitchen cooking and eating breakfast together for about an hour. After that, I
spend the next hour writing and responding to emails. Then, from 9:00 am till noon, I spend time working on my blog and brand campaigns. After that, I
spend an hour on lunch, and when I can, make them lunch meetings. I devote from 1:00 to 3:00 pm working on my new business that will be launching soon
(keep an eye out!). The hour and a half that follows are spent at the gym or running errands. After that, it’s playtime with Kaia, and time for me to cook
dinner. At 6 in the eve, time with Kaia usually sleeps. My hubby and I mostly have dinner together at around seven, at home on weeknights and out for a date night on weekends. At 8:30 pm, we relax and watch a movie, drinking tea and catching up on our days, and sleep around 11 pm.

What is your favorite self-confidence quote? Also, tell us about your upcoming book.

One quote that recently inspired me was from one of Brené Brown’s books. She talks about the power to be vulnerable in a society where we have been taught that confidence is shown through cockiness. But really, true confidence is the power to be vulnerable. To me, that takes some real inner strength.

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.” – Brené Brown

I am feeling happy and grateful for 2020. I have been working very hard this year along with my team to share some wonderful new projects for the new year. Some are completely expected while others are very different than anything I have done so far. One project I can talk about is something very dear to my heart. I wanted to sit down and share with my readers, ‘The Mandy Guide to Skincare.’ This mini e-book will be published on my website for free so that people around the world can access this information.


How do you deal with everyday stress and cope up with your busy workdays?

Chronic stress is something that can be debilitating. I know high stress is something genetic in our family; we have all suffered from this. However, over time I have realized that for most of us, stress is a concept and a state of mind, as opposed to a physical reality. I believe we have the power to take effective control of our stress through our thinking. Some days I catch myself feeling overwhelmed. I have to stop what I am doing, go out get some fresh air, take a walk or cuddle with my daughter and our little French bulldog; Hector. I have to tell myself that remaining in this state of information overload will only slow me down and make me even more unproductive. I also think a certain degree of stress can be healthy. For me, it makes me more driven and ambitious to get my daily work complete.


In the now very bustling skincare industry, how do you plan to level up with the growing standards?

I’m leveling up by remaining authentic, organic, and transparent with my audience. Now with the growing standards of the beauty and social media industry, I truly believe staying connected and developing a relationship with your audience is incredibly important. I strive to be revolutionary and creative in my work. I believe we all have a voice and a viewpoint.


What is one strong piece of advice you would like to offer to mompreneurs reading this interview?

I am no expert at this and I am still learning every single day. The most impactful practices that helped take my brand to a new level were planning my time more efficiently, accepting help from others, and focusing on things that are most important to me and my family. As a mom, I keep telling myself that is okay to make a mistake. We are humans and we are here to learn, grow, and evolve. It would be completely unrealistic to be expected to do everything just right. Let go. Because the things you worry about right now, is so incredibly tiny and minor long term.

Where can our audience find your work?

Instagram – @mandymadd

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