Are Mangoes Fattening?

Simrun Chopra
Are Mangoes Fattening?

Now that it’s mango season a lot of people have been asking me whether they can eat mangoes while trying to lose weight ?

When ever you have that question about any food ask yourself these questions ?

  • Is it a natural whole food ?
  • Is it nutrient dense ?

If you answer yes to both, it’s absolutely ok to eat.


Any natural unprocessed whole food is usually good to eat. Mango is not called the king of fruits for no reason. It contains over 20 different vitamins and minerals. It’s packed with nutrients.


A mango is approximately 60 calories per 100 gms. An average medium sized mango is approx 200gms. So why shy away from the Mango. It is the perfect fruit for sweet cravings too. Like in my pic 4 small biscuits have more calories and no nutrition compared to the mango.



Always Choose Fresh Whole Foods


Remember a few things while consuming it.


1. Quantity

Make sure you take one cut, it and eat. When you eat chopped mango from a bowl you might eat more than one mango without realising it.


2. Natural Form

Like all fruits it is best eaten in its natural form. It is better to cut one and eat it than make a smoothie or shake, A smoothie or shake will have milk or yoghurt and maybe some sugar. This automatically makes it a fattening option and you’ve lost all the great fibre.


3. Source

Due to their popularity a lot of them are ripened with chemicals. This in turn is very harmful. Ensure you buy all your fruits from a credible source.

I love my mangoes and use it in my overnight oats and chia seed pudding. My rules are simple.


Eat local, eat seasonal, eat fresh.


Did you find this useful ? How do you like to eat your mangoes ?


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