Manik Thatai - Digital Guru Influencing people

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing pace with numerous opportunities making rich talent even more elite. Marketing strategies, techniques and skills is not everyone's cup of tea but Manik is an ace in this niche.

Manik Thatai is a young digital media marketer , founder of and social media influencer from Fazilka, Punjab. His interest in digital marketing made him even more curious about it's different aspects and scope. In his college days he started with digital media marketing, gained experience and perfection over the period and is now a top-notch digital marketer of India.

Manik carrying an influential personality making his content even more valuable and informative on social media. He as an active social media user ( has more than 40.2 k followers on Instagram. Apart from this he owns around 7-10 handles on Instagram, because he believes that content is everything, it's the foundation of successful marketing in digital niche.

As a social media influencer he is giving guidance like a pro to other peeps in this niche. Talking about his procurement then with his skills, knowledge and strategies in social media he is running promotion campaign for some of the renowned brands like "TIK TOK", "HELLO APP", "MYNTRA" , "VIGO VIDEOS" and many more.

Thus, influencing people about the digital marketing and it's scope he is encouraging a lot of people to execute more and make their own way like he did. Thus, we wish tge ace of marketing all the best for his future.