Manish Kataria the guy with the most covet motor vehicle collections

Believe it or not guys have a thing for ride – Bikes and Cars both. Some just keep it to hobby while take it an extra mile, Manish Kataria is the latter. The Pune based bike enthusiast can trace back the inception of his intimate love affair with the gas guzzling motor-vehicles when friend introduced him to motor bikes in 2008. His growing curiosity launched him on a roadless travelled. Driven by his burning passion Manish taught himself everything he could. Once he started to go on rides, he realises that each bike has a purpose and different vehicles designed for different purpose. Hence, he diligently started collecting unique bikes which slowly grew to one of the most coveted collection of 78 bikes.

Manish has organised many Road trips to Goa but his biggest achievement remains his bike trip to Bhutan. The passionate biker continues to organise exhilarating road trip and add new bikes to his collection. Manish also has a jaw dropping collection of luxury which encompasses cars like - Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLS, Mercedes SLC 43 AMG are one of the few glorious vehicles they have. The renowned collector has been a part of COPS (Club Of Pune Superbikes) has been riding with them for a decade now. Mr Kataria’s continues to stretch the horizon and his next goal is a Rolce Royce Phantom.