Manny Kohli – Making the ethics meet the aesthetics

Up until the recent times, how many of us had pondered upon the various complex aspects of donning the fashionable outfits and complementing accessories? I, for sure, did not. However, a lot of surrounding events have now compelled us to pay specific attention to the questions like: Who makes our clothes? How are our bags made? What materials are being used? All we knew about the concept of the sustainable fashion was that it meant wearing bland, old-fangled clothes, something that we couldn’t be bothered with. But today, there is more awareness about the sustainable fashion than ever before. Since the environment-enthusiasts have started asking the right questions, the brands too have come up with the right answers.

The sustainable fashion may seem to be a fad, but if the reports are to be believed, there is a pressing need for this kind of an initiative, especially from one of the largest industries of the world. A breath of fresh air is that there have been various brands who have been working relentlessly to provide well-designed and durable products, without damaging our precious Progenitress Nature. One such phenomenal brand is the Canada-based Matt & Nat. Manny Kohli, the president and the proprietor of Matt & Nat, has firmly centered his brand on the concept of veganism. And before we move on to know more about this amazing man, let’s understand the brand Matt & Nat.

Matt & Nat is a super-creative short form that stands for Material and Nature, and the brand specializes in creating vegan, cruelty-free, recycled lifestyle accessories, footwear, and handbags for men as well as women, without compromising even a tad bit on the style and the sophistication.

I don’t even need to mention how scarce this wonderful combination is in the fashion industry.

Moving on to the kingpin of the organization, Manny Kohli hails from India, and had relocated to Canada in the early 80’s. Working initially in the field of manufacturing and electronics, Manny could never let go of his profound desire of working with fashion. He stepped into the fashion business in 2001, when the word vegan was absolutely unheard of. Finally being placed where he was destined to be, Manny vigorously worked his way around the company and the industry operations. His knack for all things design and his astounding ability to draw inspiration from his surroundings, the nature and the architecture made him an invaluable part of the enterprise, and he later transitioned towards becoming the CEO of Matt & Nat. Exercising his superb business acumen, Manny Kohli has established a humongous e-commerce presence for Matt & Nat today, where not only the consumers from Canada, but also from all over the globe can be the proud owners of the Matt & Nat products. Moreover, with 10 fully functioning retail stores, and 4 more under construction, Manny is moving forward at a definite and determined pace.

Matt & Nat specializes in the use and the application of vegan leather, and its neoteric approach has resulted from years of experimenting, innovating, and exhaustive researching. At present, Matt & Nat has achieved a spectacular milestone of having recycled over 6 million plastic bottles in the manufacturing of their bags. The striking eminence of Matt & Nat is quite ubiquitous in the worldwide entertainment industry as well with it becoming the most favourite and the most preferred brand among prominent personalities like Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman and Ellen DeGeneres, and many others. Also, right here in Bollywood, leading celebrities like Sonam Kapoor are ardent fans of the colourful and the minimalist handbags by Matt & Nat.

Manny Kohli strongly believes in the concept of working with the nature instead of working against it. He has burned the candle at both the ends to inculcate his staunch cultural values to the brand he is so passionate about, elevating Matt & Nat’s status to the top where it stands today. Such is the level of love and commitment towards his work and his faith in his cause, that Manny Kohli has transformed into a vegan since 2001, conclusively abandoning his lifestyle as a non-vegetarian for over two decades, with just the blink of an eye. On the top of all of this, becoming an active member of PETA and working diligently towards animal and natural welfare is also a motto that Manny Kohli swears by.

If this doesn’t make you want to stand up and applaud the man, I really don’t know what will????