Manny Naya on Growing The Credit Repair Surgeons Amid the Global Crisis

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NEW YORK, NY / February 2021 – At the onset of the pandemic, Manny Naya was just about to open the proverbial doors of his new business, the Credit Repair Surgeons, LLC. The credit repair company has thrived immensely amidst the economic crash that followed the worldwide lockdowns caused by COVID-19.

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The biggest drive for the company was that its mission remained unchanged even as lockdowns occurred. People still needed help with their credit scores, lockdown or no lockdown. The average American citizen remains clueless on their credit scores and how to improve them. This unfortunate reality has forced many citizens to take more extensive loan interests and lose opportunities at better financial lives in the process.

Motivated to do his part in improving his clients’ credit grades and overall lifestyle, Manny Naya started The Credit Repair Surgeons in March 2020. Not long after, lockdown protocols began. Yet after a little less than a year of operation, the company has exceeded many people’s expectations and turned in over $3.9 million in sales and served thousands of families and individuals.

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Manny Naya’s family moved to the United States when he was only ten months old. They lived in Clinton Hill Projects in Newark, New Jersey, for a significant season and lived a modest life. While life was rough for Manny growing up, he had a relentless drive to push his limits and grow. That would help him become the first in his family to graduate high school and become the first millionaire. He started in the music industry, working with many celebrities.

But as COVID-19 hit, his life in music came to a standstill. Manny refused to take the situation at its face value and decided to start his own business. Thus, he began Credit Repair Surgeons, LLC. Today, he serves over 24,000 clients, ranging from blue-collar employees to famous public figures.

The Credit Repair Surgeons provides clients with flat-rate plans, moving away from the traditional hourly and monthly payment schemes that tend to drain clients of their hard-earned money. The company works at a competitive rate and works without any hidden fees. What sets the company apart is its commitment to delivering results. So much so that the company provides a money-back guarantee if clients do not see an improvement in their credit scores.

What ultimately drives Manny Naya and The Credit Repair Surgeons is an undeniable desire to help others. For as long as he has known, the entrepreneur’s drive has taken a more outward and others-centric orientation. Manny loves helping others and does everything in his power to provide value. That value trickles down to his work as a credit consultant and has made him one of the East coast’s leading credit repair professionals.

Manny takes great pride in what The Credit Repair Surgeons have accomplished. But it’s not the profit statements or sales reports that give him the most joy. It’s the testimonies, changed lives, and debts of gratitude expressed that inspire him to keep pushing forward. Manny hopes to continue his mission of growing his company amid these trying times to give hope to more people.

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