Mansi Srivastava responds on being accused of cheating by ex Mohit Abrol

Ishqbaaz actress Mansi Srivastava got engaged to actor Mohit Abrol in 2016, however the two parted way a few months back. The two had been dating for eight years, but their recent social media brawl suggests it was an ugly breakup. Mohit in an Instagram post accused his ex of cheating which he later deleted.

After being accused of cheating and getting used, Mansi also had a say, she shared a cryptic post on social media that talked about forgiving. The post read, “But Papa always said to be kind, always. Even if they don’t deserve it. Even if they were so cruel to you. The cruelty should stop with them. Don’t let the hurt they give you ruin your love. -Soyen” Take a look:

Mohit earlier shared a post on Instagram with a long caption that claimed Mansi had an affair with ‘Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se’ co-star, Arhaan Behl while being in a relationship with him. He also talked about being betrayed and used by Mansi. The post read, "I wanted to see her again, to say goodbye the way I wanted. Then I realised if I got my way, I would never say goodbye how hard is it to say goodbye to people you really love and care. It's like cutting away a part of your body and throwing it away.

He then at the end of the post wished her the best for her new relationship with Kapil Tejwani. Take a look:

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