Marco Champion on the Importance of Putting Out ‘Value-Driven’ Content for Your Audience

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Entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become one are always searching for the best ways to reach your audience. Marco Champion, an entrepreneur who is currently CEO of two companies he founded, understands the importance of value-driven content.

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Champion has carefully built up his own personal brand over the years, founding Motiv and iLegendz in the process. As part of iLegendz, he helps others grow their own personal brands. Champion has vast experience in knowing the best way to approach marketing, which he says is using “value-driven” content. As he explains, “I pay to put value-driven content in front of more people and invest into growing my personal attention. This has converted higher than any ad I’ve ever run.”

Not only is creating content driven by value Marco Champion’s chosen approach to marketing, but it is also his preferred method for growing his business as a whole. He explains that he will grow his business “by growing my personal brand. The more people who know, like, and trust me, the more opportunity I have to grow my business.” This method has worked for Champion so far and shows no signs of stopping. It has also done wonders for others that Champion has helped. He says, “I’ve helped some of my clients generate millions of dollars through their personal brand on social media. I consider this to be my greatest success so far.”

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Marco Champion’s advice to focus on “value-driven” content as a way to grow your personal brand, and therefore your business can apply to anyone. While he finds the “opportunities to bring value to high-net-worth individuals” to be the most rewarding part of his job, he feels that anyone can accomplish what he has achieved. They simply need to have the right business strategy and mindset and maintain their motivation.

After all, Champion has become a successful entrepreneur despite not finishing college or having a business background, proving the naysayers wrong. This makes him uniquely positioned to provide advice, as he has been at every stage of the process and built his brand from the ground up.

Based on Marco Champion’s own experience and his experience helping others, he knows that creating “value-driven” content is the best way to market your personal brand, which will, in turn, market your business. Those aspiring to achieve similar results should keep his advice in mind. As Champion suggests, “People should learn directly from those who have what you want in life.”

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