Marco Pierre White slammed for saying men 'can absorb pressure of the kitchen better' than women

Amy West
Marco Pierre White has been slammed by fellow industry professionals for his 'sexist' comments about female chefs (Zak Hussein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White has been criticised for claiming that men are better in the kitchen than women.

In a new interview with the Irish Independent, the former Hell’s Kitchen boss claimed that “the real positive with men is that men can absorb pressure better,” before going on to add that “they are not as emotional and don’t take things personally.”

He even went on to say that men being “physically stronger” than women is another advantage when it comes to making culinary delights, suggesting that the latter would have trouble lifting heavy cooking equipment.

“Look at the size of some of the pans you are carrying,” White continued. “Can you imagine you’re a lady in the kitchen and saying ‘will you carry that pan for me?’ You don’t want to say that, do you?”

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Predictably, his controversial remarks haven’t gone down too well within the industry.

Temper restaurant owner Neil Rankin shared some of White’s comments on Instagram, alongside a passionately written caption that read: “The only real difference between men and women in the kitchen is that men don’t have to put up with this nauseating baseless antiquated bull***t everyday.

He went on to describe White as a “rambling dinosaur” and urge other professionals to “start promoting the much needed diversity” within the world of food.

Elsewhere, Asma Khan - who runs an all-female kitchen at London’s Darjeeling Express - told Big Hospitality that his “extremely unhelpful” claims undermine “contribution and role of women in restaurant kitchens” and “displays his staggering, almost medieval gender bias.”

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“Give it a rest Marco and stop ruining your legacy, wrong on every part of this,” Holborn Dining Room's executive chef Calum Franklin wrote on Twitter.

Giuseppe Bonura, chef de partie at Bistrotheque, took to Instagram to say: “If the best chefs are men, it's because they were inspired by their grandmother or mother. They say it as soon as possible.

“In terms of multitasking approach, organization and precision, women are very strong. And then, the delicate palate of a woman. Come on!”