Marianne Williamson claims 'sick care' system is leading to chronic disease in America

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson visited The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Tuesday night. During a recent Democratic debate, Williamson claimed America doesn’t have a health care problem, it has a ‘sick care’ problem, which she expanded upon with Noah.

“What it means is that the conversation we're having is how to treat people once they're sick,” said Williamson, ‘We also have to talk about why there's so much more chronic disease in America.”

Williamson blames government policies for allowing corporations to decide what is best for Americans. She said, “Because of our chemical policies, our agriculture policies, our food policies, our environmental policies and even our economic policies, given that our economic policies cause so much economic stress and anxiety on a daily basis and stress causes illness.”

If she were elected president, Williamson would like to discuss stronger regulations for government branches like the EPA and FDA. “So many times we're not talking about those things because in order to talk about those things we have to talk about policies with chemical companies and agriculture companies and oil and gas and so forth,” said Williamson, adding, “All I'm saying is that on everything we should know that the American people should feel safe.”

Williamson’s controversial views on healthcare have been heavily scrutinized by experts, but she insists it is important to have the conversations. She said, “People are saying I’m crazy and dangerous, I think what's dangerous and a little bit crazy is we're not discussing it.”

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