Marilyn Manson Row: GoT’s Esmé Bianco Accuses the Singer of Sexual Abuse, Says 'He Tied Me and Used an Electric Sex Toy’

Rushabh Dhruv
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Hollywood actress Esmé Bianco, who played the role of a prostitute, Ros in the extremely popular HBO series Game of Thrones, has come forward and shared her horrifying ordeal with singer Marilyn Manson, who has been accused of sexual abuse by multiple women. The actor in an interview with The Cut, spoke in length about how he used to idolise him when she was a teenager. However, Bianco further added that he went from a “massive role model who really helped me through some incredibly dark and difficult times as a teenager” to a “monster who almost destroyed me and almost destroyed so many women.” Marilyn Manson Row: Phoebe Bridgers Recalls the Time When She Went to the Singer’s House, Reveals He Had a R**e Room.

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Opening a can of worms about Manson, Bianco also recalled an incident when she had to spend three days with him "in lingerie, barely sleeping or eating, with Manson serving up cocaine rather than food". During the time, the actress was 26. That's not it, Esmé also shared how Manson had once tied her "with cables to a prayer kneeler, lashing her with a whip, and using an electric sex toy called a Violet Wand on her wounds." Evan Rachel Wood Calls Marilyn Manson As Her Alleged Abuser, Actress Says ‘I Am Here To Expose This Dangerous Man’.

According to the outlet, Bianco sobbed after the horrifying incident on her way back home. She believed that "what had happened wasn't BDSM." "They hadn't discussed consent or safe words, which she knew from both personal experience and the fetish performers in her circle were crucial for safe power dynamics," the outlet states. Marilyn Manson Dropped by Hollywood Talent Agency Amid Evan Rachel Wood Abuse Allegations.

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Apart from Bianco, it's Manson's ex-fiance, Evan Rachel Wood who went public and accused the singer of sexually abusing her. However, Manson denied the allegations levelled against him and termed his intimate relationships as consensual. Stay tuned!