Mariya Pyter Denies the Secrets Revealed Behind Her Book 'Princess Bananas'

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Russian-American filmmaker Mariya Pyter posted a controversial video titled "Princess Bananas" and made Twitter go “bananas”! Many Twitter users noticed a secret hidden within the story.

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The fun film, titled "Princess Bananas" was released on March 31st, 2020, and tells the story of Princess ME, whose ambition and greed are the central themes of the fairy tale. Viewers started talking about the possibility of Mariya Pyter's film being about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. First, because of the characters' resemblance with the ex-royal couple. Secondly, all characters in the story are portrayed as bananas, fruits previously used by Meghan Markle on several occasions. She was caught posting pictures of spooning bananas at the beginning of her romantic relationships with Harry and she also penned messages of support on bananas during Bristol sex charity visit in 2019.

The story unveiled when new rumors have suggested that there’s a peculiar connection between Russian pranksters V. Kuznetsov and A. Stolyarov, and “Princess Bananas” Russian-American director Mariya Pyter. The pranksters and the director are tied to former Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle through various means. This possible connection brought attention after the couple denounced all Royal responsibility and left the family to begin a “new chapter” in California, which received a lot of scrutiny.

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When the book with the same title "Princess Bananas" came out, it quickly blew up the Internet but Mrs. Pyter, who reportedly has historical family ties to the Royals, through her family connection to the Cambridge Five Spies, didn’t provide any comments on the subject. With the rapidly approaching date for the Megxit review, “Princess Bananas” also re-gained popularity. Regardless of whether or not "Princess Bananas" tale is connected to the ex-royals, it’s a great read for kids and adults all around the world.