Marks & Spencer launches sensitive skin clothing range for babies and children with eczema

Sarah Young

Marks and Spencer is launching a new clothing range designed specifically for infants with sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

The retailer has partnered with medical technology company DreamSkin on the collection of 22 products across baby, nightwear and underwear.

The new range includes an assortment of garments made using DreamSkin’s innovative polymer technology, which has been medically proven to soothe and protect the skin, lower skin temperature, help reduce friction and act as a repellent on detergent residues that can cause irritation.

The clothes, which are set to go on sale in July, also feature softer threads and flat seams to help reduce irritation.

Deborah Sharpe, head of children’s product development technology at Marks and Spencer said the company spent 18 months developing the product range with DreamSkin.

“Feedback from our customers showed us that a significant number of children suffer from eczema or other skin related irritations,” Sharpe said.

She added that the feedback the team received “proved just how successful this technology is at soothing these distressing ailments”.

"The team has received incredibly positive feedback from the DreamSkin trials along with genuine and heartfelt thanks from the wearers and their parents, giving us the confidence to put these new ranges into production," Sharpe added.

According to Great Ormond Street Hospital, eczema affects at least one in every five children in the UK and the condition can be triggered or worsened by factors that cause increased dryness of the skin, including soaps and shampoos, hard water and central heating.

The NHS states that symptoms of eczema include patches of red, dry and itchy skin on the face or behind the ears, and in the creases of the neck, knees and elbows.

While most babies eventually grow out of eczema, the NHS recommends speaking to your GP or health visitor if you are concerned.

In September 2018, Marks and Spencer launched a clothing range specifically designed for children with disabilities.

(Marks & Spencer)

Designed to make getting dressed less stressful for children and their parents, the line was made with special needs in mind, and included clothes made with extra space for casts as well as ones with discreet pockets for feeding tubes.

The garments were also made using the softest materials with as few seams as possible and hidden care labels so that they wouldn't irritate sensitive skin.