Maroon-5 'Jordi' review: Generic tracks rehashed, solely for ardent fans

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11 Jun 2021: Maroon-5 'Jordi' review: Generic tracks rehashed, solely for ardent fans

Maroon 5 stans eagerly waited for Jordi, but sadly, it falls short, in a lot of places. The songs are still amazing, Adam Levine continues to enthrall, but did the album live up to its billing? Probably not. And this is all the more disappointing since this seventh studio album features some of the biggest names in the music industry. Here's our review.

Analysis: It's the same ol' Maroon 5: Been there, done that

While the 12 tracks from the album are catchy and hummable, somehow, it feels like we've heard them all before. The melodies have the Maroon 5 crooner weaving his magic, but even that doesn't save the album from falling into the generic trap. If you're a true 'Marooner,' the album might not rank as their best, or in fact, even their top three.

Hits: 'Memories', 'Beautiful Mistakes' still remain the best songs from 'Jordi'

But hey, let that not stop you from truly enjoying Levine and his soothing voice. The lead single Memories is a masterpiece that hits differently when you're hurting. Beautiful Mistakes ft. Megan Thee Stallion has these mesmerizing beats and will surely get you to groove. Nobody's Love, the song inspired by COVID-19 and George Floyd, is soulful and hits right at the spot.

Fact: 'Jordi' has no shortage of A-listers from music industry

Levine and co. collaborated with renowned music artists for Jordi, including Stevie Nicks, H.E.R, Blackbear, YG, Megan Thee Stallion, Bantu, and Juice WRLD. Before their tragic deaths, Maroon 5 collaborated with Juice WRLD and Nipsey Hussle on Can't Leave You Alone and Memories remix, respectively.

Tribute: Trivia: Album is a tribute to their late manager Jordan

In an earlier talk with seasoned host Ellen DeGeneres, the band's frontman had said that the album is a tribute to their former manager, Jordan Feldstein, who died in 2017 due to pulmonary embolism. In fact, the album has been named after him. "There was no better tribute than (that)," Levine said, adding that a part of him will always be missing.

Conclusion: Verdict: Definitely not among their best works; gets 2.5/5

Jordi lacks that heart and passion we witnessed in their earlier albums like Songs About Jane. There are still certain songs with catchy flow and tunes that would make you put on your dancing shoes. But without any sugar-coating, the album is definitely not among their best works, and probably one the band wouldn't look back with fondness. Verdict: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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