Married trophy hunters who kissed over dead lion face social media hate: 'Beyond disgusting'

A Canadian couple kissed over the dead body of a lion they reportedly killed, upsetting animal advocates on social media. (Photo: Getty Images)

Kissing hunters who posed above the body of a deceased lion in a Facebook photo have exited social media over large-scale backlash.

“Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun… well done. A monster lion,” is how Darren and Carolyn Carter of Edmonton, Alberta, reportedly captioned their photo during a hunting trip to Africa.

In response, the Carters were immediately branded “murderers” and had their lives threatened over the alleged trophy kill. Their image was reportedly shared to the Facebook page of Legelela Safaris, a hunting company in Frankfort, South Africa, where it was then deleted, along with the company’s page.

The married couple currently has a non-working phone number and did not reply to an interview request via email from Yahoo Lifestyle.

According to Heavy, the Carters own Solitude Taxidermy in Spruce Grove but have removed their company website. And a business called Parkland Outdoors, a content “network” for hunters, to which the couple reportedly contributed, deleted its website and social media accounts, presumably to avoid further association with the couple.

People are publishing the couple’s address and phone number on Twitter, calling them “disgusting,” and wishing “karma” on them for the deed.

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