Marseille releases Adil Rami for faking injury to appear on reality show

Adil Rami lost his job under truly bizarre circumstances. (REUTERS/Philippe Laurenson)

The next time you think about “calling in sick” to work when there’s really nothing wrong with you, let this serve as a cautionary tale.

France Ligue 1 side Olympique Marseille has released defender Adil Rami under extremely bizarre circumstances deemed to be “gross misconduct.”

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Late last season, Rami sat out of a team training session because he claimed to be battling an injury. On his day off, however, the 33-year-old made an appearance on Fort Boyard, a French reality show on Youtube.

As a contestant, he was involved in a mud wrestling styled activity, while also running in a foamy hamster wheel. The episode was taped on the day he declared himself unable to practice, but aired later on Jun. 29.

A very unorthodox form of rehabbing, one could say.

Upon finding out that the show was recorded on the same day he came forward about his so-called “injury,” it was announced Marseille opened disciplinary proceedings regarding the matter on Jul. 1.

Gathering all the evidence needed, the soccer club released Rami on Monday for his part in falsely claiming to be hurt in order to get out of team activities.

A piece of advice for other athletes looking to fake an injury to get out of training: If you’re going to go mud wrestling instead, make sure nobody records it.

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