Martin Eastwood is Revolutionising The Way Financial Services Businesses’ Do Marketing

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Martin Eastwood is an entrepreneur that has always been full of surprises. His impressive accomplishments range from major TV shows to growing successful businesses from basically nothing. But now the Irish businessman has made a huge play in changing the way Financial Advisors and Financial Services businesses do marketing, in order to actually succeed.

Mr Eastwood’s company Wide Variety Media represents a number of insurance companies and brokers and looks after their online marketing and lead generation through clever online advertising and organic tactics.

‘’As we grew our marketing company, I constantly looked for those who needed our help the most. The way in which financial services brokers who sell life insurance etc get their leads was shocking! So many dud leads and such a poor online presence. I knew we had the skills to give them what they needed – visibility and a constant stream of high quality leads, that produce real results!’’ Martin recounts.

Now, during these disruptive times we are in, people like Martin are crucial to helping businesses not only to stay alive, but to thrive!

Martin added ‘’We now represent dozens of companies and I am told that they’ve never seen results like this, so quickly. The feeling of delivering what you promise to these people and knowing that it makes such a difference to their life is a huge thing for me. We only work with those who have a great product and service to offer the public. Match that with our effective marketing tactics and everybody is a winner. The future is very bright indeed!

To find out more about Martin, you can follow him on LinkedIn here and check out Wide Variety Media’s website here.