Maruti sells a Dzire car every two minutes

Maruti Dzire

Slowdown or not, there is a car that Maruti cannot make enough of, and that is the Dzire. Yes, Maruti sells a Dzire every two minutes and there are over 19 lakh customers yet of this compact sedan. This astounding statistic reveals India’s love affair with the Dzire.

Maruti is no stranger to such highs as the list of India’s top 10 selling cars comprises mostly Maruti hatchbacks. But the Dzire is not a small car and that shows the shift in car buying trends in India.

The Dzire is not a cheap car in any sense of the word as top-end versions cross Rs 10 lakh, but that is not a deterrent as you can see. The Dzire was launched originally with the Swift moniker around 2008 but while it was a success, Maruti struck gold with the new-gen model in 2017.

Maruti Dzire

The new model let go of the Swift name and had the new platform, plus a more feature-rich interior along with better looks — factors which have played a big part in its sales success. It is currently the largest selling sedan and also amongst the largest selling cars in India.

Another reason for its success has been the lack of competition, save for the Honda Amaze. The demand for compact sedans has been waning as compact SUVs are considered to be more appealing, yet the Dzire is the only sedan to score massive sales month on month.

The logic is simple: the new model is premium and offers diesel and petrol automatic options, along with being the most frugal and cheap among its rivals. There is no doubt that India's love affair with the Dzire is not going away any time soon.