Marvel's Spider-Man must come out of Tony Stark's shadows, NOW!

Shubham Dasgupta
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03 Nov 2020: Marvel's Spider-Man must come out of Tony Stark's shadows, NOW!

This is the finally-someone-said-it moment for Spider-Man fans!

Tell me, when was the last time you saw Avenger's Spidey doing anything using his intelligence apart from stopping Captain America's shield in Civil War?

Step back from the Marvel era of Spidey and you'll realize that the webbing vigilante had several tricks up his sleeves then than now.

We wonder if we'll see those again.

Observation: Merits and demerits: Breaking down the Iron Spider

Don't confuse Holland's hair-raising moment in Avengers: Infinity Wars with Spidey sense.

Holland, ever since getting under billionaire tech genius Tony Stark's tutelage, has revelled under his shadow, so much so that Peter Parker mouths Stark-taught commands to activate mechanical arms of Stark-designed Iron Spider suit when Thanos's army outnumbers him!

In space, it is the Iron Spider suit that keeps Parker alive.

Fact: The way Mysterio fooled the genius Parker was disappointing

Then comes Spider-Man: Far from Home, wherein we see Nick Fury give the grieving Parker some hope of making sense out of his Avengers tag with deceased Stark's hi-tech eyewear.

It was the eyewear, or the AI, which made Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio fool the genius Parker.

To see a scientist cut such a sorry scene was too much to handle for Spider-Man loyalists.

Another tutor: Doctor Strange to babysit Parker now: Why is it required!

To worsen Spidey's image that Sony took so long to build painstakingly with Tobey Maguire's critically and commercially successful Spider-Man trilogy, comes the news that Parker gets a new tutor in Doctor Strange.

This very idea of babysitting Spider-Man and teaching him to do his job keeps him at a disadvantageous and unreliable status as a superhero.

We almost forgot the photojournalist Peter Parker.

Original portrayal: Spider-Man was so many things and didn't need any help

Yes, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man had Parker successfully juggle his day job of a photojournalist for The Daily Bugle, who'd click his own pictures as the web-slinging hero at night to woo the editor.

The 1994 animated series showed Spidey sense helping Parker fight multiple deadly villains such as the Scorpion and Mysterio, without help.

Parker was also a physics student, as per comic.

Request: And, we need our original and dear Spider-Man back

Truth be told, Spider-Man was more confident of himself while he was being played by Maguire and Andrew Garfield as they truly went solo.

Holland has age and charms by his side to give a fresh lease of life to Spider-Man under Marvel's garb.

So, we hope that the coming Spider-Man films show more of the genius Parker we knew but miss dearly.