Masaba Gupta: Want to curate a collection that will flatter all the Indian skin tones

Leading fashion designer, Masaba Gupta has recently forayed into the beauty sphere with the launch of her beauty line in association with Nykaa. Featuring bold colours and vivid prints, this inclusive line, curated by industry experts, is designed specially keeping in mind the Indian skin tone.

What inspired Masaba to create this line of products? “I want to curate a collection that will flatter all the Indian skin tones, because there are all kinds of us - girls with great skin, girls with acne, girls who can get tanned easily and so on.

Every person has a different need, and I wanted them to have every shade and colour at their disposal,” she tells us. “Having admired Nykaa for a long time now, the fact that they are home-grown and aspirational made them the perfect choice to create something for the Indian skin,” she adds.

If you haven’t already checked out the new line, Masaba tells us that the first range of products are Lips and Tips, matching lipsticks and nail paints packaged in her favourite as well as signature prints. This range is a curated collection of shades and colours that will flatter all the Indian skin tones across ages.

When asked about what our Indian market is lacking in terms of their beauty products, Masaba comments, “Firstly, I think all the products should be super inclusive, and I feel we lack a good lip stain with enough moisturiser!”

We also reached out to Reena Chhabra, CEO of Nykaa Beauty, to share with us her experience of working with Masaba to create this new line. She says, “Masaba’s design sensibility has always been a step ahead of the curve. She has an ability to delve into a millennial consciousness, as well as create a completely new design story with vibrant colours and themes that connect with everyone."

"Her work is trend forward, and yet she also embodies a contemporary young woman, and is an influencer who embraces diversity and positivity. She is the perfect match for Nykaa Cosmetics, which itself is a contemporary and a proud home-grown brand."

"We believe that Masaba is for all, that is, multi-faceted, and so is every girl in India. With the launch of the Masaba by Nykaa we hope to inspire every girl to recreate their favourite make-up looks. Now through this range, everyone can own a piece of Masaba!”