Mascara hacks to make your eyelashes look amazing!

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Rather than putting on some falsies try these quick tips for thick, long, voluminous lashes every time.

Struggling with short, thin or barely there lashes? Consider revamping your mascara routine with these tips that will make the most of the products you’re already using to achieve gravity-defying eyelashes without falsies.

Step up your primer game
The first step to gravity-defying eyelashes starts with primer. You prime your eyelids, so why not your lashes? Whether you’re looking to add volume or length, a primer will work to get you there. A primer will help create a smooth base on which to apply your mascara. With a primer you’re likely to need just one or two coats to get the look that you want. It also makes your mascara last long. All this means the chances of mascara flaking off or smudging are significantly reduced and you’re left with va-va-voom lashes!
Photograph: itsam0re/Instagram

Prevent smudging with setting powder
Do you grapple with mascara smudges under your eyes? Dust a little setting powder under the eyes before you apply mascara. The powder will act as barrier, catching any fall out as your apply mascara, and, more importantly, absorb the excess oil released in the area that might cause smudging later on.

Blot your mascara wand
Some mascaras wands tend to come out of the tube loaded with product. If you apply the wand directly to your lashes they will get clumpy and stick together. Instead gently blot the wand on some tissue paper and remove the excess mascara. You can also try to remove the excess off the wand on the tube’s opening.
Photograph: Hollie Ramsey/

Start from the bottom up
The correct way to apply mascara is to do your bottom lashes first and then the top. Say you apply mascara on the top lashes first and then tilt your face up to do the bottom lashes. When you do this your top lashes tend to touch your eyelids, creating those little dots that you find so annoying. So just switch your order and you don’t have to deal with those pesky smudges.

Get your hands on a mascara shield
Applying mascara to the lower lashes is difficult for most of us. More often than not we end up transferring mascara onto our under eye area. To avoid the mess, use a beauty tool called a mascara shield. It has two curved edges that can be placed under your bottom and top lashes, helping you apply mascara smoothly and evenly. If you can’t get your hands on this tool, a spoon will do just as well. Hold the spoon under your eye (curved side facing out) as you apply mascara. This way the mascara won’t land on your skin but the back of the spoon.
Photographs: Mimilovesx/ Instagram

Wiggle that wand
To get fuller, longer looking lashes you need to coat them from the root to the tip. Start by holding the brush at the root of your lashes and wriggle it back and forth to work the product in. Apply a generous amount at the root. Move the brush zigzag motion all the way along the length of your lashes. This will help distribute the product more evenly, avoid clumps and create a more fluttery look.

Roll out an eyelash spoolie
Spoolies are mascara wand-style brushes, with soft bristles and a tapered head. These come in handy when you’re dealing with too much product on your lashes or lashes that tend to clump together. Take a clean spoolie and run it through your lashes to separate those lashes that are clinging together and remove any excess product. You can’t do this with your mascara wand as you’d then just be applying more product. Spoolies are that extra bit of help that will make your lashes look great.
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Check out fibre mascaras
If you’ve got short lashes and want to double up the volume with putting on some falsies, consider trying out fibre mascara. These mascaras have extension like-fibres to give you that dash of drama. The fibres build your natural lashes, making them look thicker and longer. These mascaras are usually two-sided. One side contains the fibres and the other the mascara formula.