Matt Par: 5 Reasons To Start Building a YouTube Channel in 2021

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The pandemic has taken over our lives. People have been confined to their homes for a long time. Such circumstances have led to an influx of video content creators and an increase in video content consumption. As of 2021, YouTube had 2.3 billion users log in at least once a month. Matt Par, a successful YouTuber who currently runs 9 YouTube channels, thinks that 2021 would be a good time to start a YouTube channel. Here’s why.

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Running As A Business

Matt Par says, “Discovering how to make money on YouTube has completely transformed my life.” It is important to view the platform as a space for business. When social distancing has become the new norm, people can sit in the comfort of their homes and create YouTube channels to potentially earn a living. By understanding how you can get millions of views and if you correctly monetize those views like Matt teaches, people can earn just through the ads that run on their videos or alternative monetization strategies like affiliate marketing.

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People Are Always Online

People have spent a significant amount of time at home. So, you might feel that there’s already a lot of content that people have put out. However, viewing existing content and learning from your competitors' mistakes can help you create precisely what your audience is looking for. Focusing on a niche will help you maintain clarity in your strategy.

Leveraging People’s Time At Home

Given that almost 79% of internet users have a YouTube account and the majority of people all around the world are mostly working from home, the amount of time spent on YouTube has increased significantly. Thus, create a content strategy to leverage the time you and your viewers have so that you can earn significant returns from YouTube.

YouTube Outperforms Other Platforms

In terms of viewership, Matt Par says that YouTube has the upper hand as opposed to any other social platform. While being consistent is important, YouTube enables increased viewership if your content is relevant to the users. So, even if you decide to take a break from uploading content, your viewership can increase as long as your content is relevant.

YouTube Positions The Creator As An Expert

When you create content, you must choose a niche. You may either have past experiences and skills to support that niche, or you may learn along the way. Either way, YouTube understands the niche and positions you as an expert in that particular domain. Depending on the content you create, you can become the most-viewed and most-searched creator for the niche you choose.

YouTube is a vast platform with tremendous potential for anyone and everyone. One must not worry about existing content and competition but instead focus on one’s content. As Matt Par rightly said, “The first step is to set your channel up for success.”

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