Matthew McConaughey Birthday: Instagram Pictures of the Actor that Prove He's an Eye Candy

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Matthew McConaughey celebrates his birthday today and it's time we plan a marathon of his best movies. While we are still struggling to understand some aspects of Interstellar, let's grab the opportunity to watch some of his easy-breezy romcoms like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. A natural charmer, Matthew is a damn interesting fellow. Yes, as interesting as his surname. For someone who makes geeky look so desirable, he's a bonafide charmer waiting to woo our hearts all day, every day. Matthew McConaughey Believes COVID-19 Has Brought Us Together After a Long Time, Says ‘This Red Light Will Turn to a Green Light’ (Watch Video).

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One look at his Instagram account and you're convinced about his crazy self. Matthew prefers being himself on social media and attaches himself to causes that he really believes in. His smile is infectious, yes, but his looks are utterly charming and he has the potential to make you go weak in your knees. The perfect Hollywood hunk, Matthew is a name that resonates with the word 'talent'. As the Academy Award-winning actor gets ready to celebrate his big day, we take a look at some of his Instagram pictures that are oh-so-desirable. Matthew McConaughey Is Setting His Mom Up with Hugh Grant’s Dad for a Date.

Told You, Eye Candy!

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the sunday before #greenlightsbook tuesday 10/20/20

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Nerdy But Hot


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Jake Brigance is back. A Time For Mercy by John Grisham comes out October 13th

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Anyone Else Missing True Detective?


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get it out

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Charming is the Word


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hand to heart hat’s off

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Man in Black


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bend yur funny-bone

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Ending our gush fest with a little trivia. For the ones who don't know, Matthew was a part of Sex and the City web series. Though his appearance was restricted to only one episode, he wasn't the original choice of the makers. After Alec Baldwin and George Clooney rejected the role, it was offered to Matthew.