Matthew McConaughey wants 'How To Lose a Guy...' sequel

Shubham Dasgupta
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Matthew McConaughey wants
Matthew McConaughey wants

15 Nov 2020: Matthew McConaughey wants 'How To Lose a Guy...' sequel

The chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson is too scintillating to miss in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

So when the skilled actor talks of a sequel, it's awesome news for rom-com fans.

He thinks the story of the 2003 comedy, which earned a stunning $177 million, is unfinished and that "you could easily do a sequel" of the same.

Interview: "'How to Lose a Guy...' is teed up"

In an interview with E!'s Daily Pop, the Fool's Gold actor sounded willing about the prospects of a follow-up.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is teed up, you know, teed up for one that you could easily do a sequel. As far as romantic comedies go, that was a really good one ... People still love that one," he said.

Details: Hudson, the better-half, wants a realistic angle in the film

Hudson weighed in on the realistic angle the film could take in an Elle interview.

Thinking what the hit on-screen couple of Andie and Ben would be dealing with at the moment, Hudson said, "It's actually probably a good amount of time [that has passed] to make a movie about it. We probably would have gotten married with kids. We're probably miserable right now."

Rom-com stars: Hudson and McConaughey starred in two films, both clicked

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days was the first sign of producers banking on the bonding between Hudson and McConaughey as the film earned $177mn at the box-office against a budget of $50mn.

They starred opposite each other again on the treasure hunt comedy flick Fool's Gold that gave a $111mn return to a $70mn budget.

So, a sequel might work!

Fact: Few days back, Hugh Grant talked of 'Notting Hill' sequel

Coincidentally, last month, actor Hugh Grant had shared his imagination of a potential sequel to his and Julia Roberts' famous romantic movie Notting Hill.

However, his vision was horrifying and funny.

"I'd like to do me and Julia and the hideous divorce that's ensued with really expensive lawyers, children involved in [a] tug of love, floods of tears. Psychologically scarred forever," Grant further said.