Mattress wars: Poll says Britons continue to hog the duvet, snore and fart while in bed

Many couples are tossing and turning to get a good night's sleep (Picture: Getty)

British couples are engaged in mattress wars to ensure the best night’s sleep, a survey has revealed.

study by YouGov found that almost four in ten British couples aren’t sharing the bed fairly.

Its survey of 1,043 adults who share a bed with a partner revealed that 57% of Britons claim to stick to their own side.

One in four (27%) accused their partner of taking up more than their fair share, with younger people the worst culprits.

Almost half (44%) of 18 to 24-year-olds said their partner moves into their space in bed, compared to only 20% for those aged 65 and over.

Only one in ten Britons admit to being the one who takes up more than their fair share.

Of those who admitted they do take up more than their fair share of the bed, 5% of women said they take up more than 70%. There were no men who said they took up that much space.

The poll found that snoring was a divisive issue, occurring in 83% of shared bedrooms.

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A similar percentage (82%) said at least one person in the relationship tosses and turns during the night.

Seven out of ten people said they shared a room with someone who farts in bed.

Almost half - 47% - said their partner talks in their sleep.

Men are more likely to snore and women to hog the duvet, the survey said (Picture: Getty)

One in three (35%) complained that their partner uses the phone in bed while they are trying to sleep.

Other complaints included eating in bed (23%) and stealing pillows (16%).

Women were more likely to confess to hogging the duvet than men - 36% to 23%.

But men are more likely to admit to farting in bed - 60% of men confessed to this compared to 44% of women.

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