Max Karg Has Marketed & Sold Millions of Dollars Worth of Luxury Vehicles By Age 21



It’s not everyday that you come across a young kid from the midwest who is already doing some very exciting things, especially when they came from a traditional family who all work regular “9-to-5” jobs. Max Karg is one of the few exceptions, and he’s recently been making quite a bit of noise online.

Max is a 21 year old entrepreneur who is currently a leading expert in the automotive marketing industry, for he’s managed to market multiple millions worth of private party vehicles. He helps his clients sell their vehicles faster, easier, and for top dollar through marketing and advertising.

“Most vehicle owners aren’t expert marketers. They don’t know how to take great photos, write great ads for their vehicle, and are unaware of what the best and most current platforms and marketplaces are. That’s where I come in,” Max explained.

Max takes plenty of high quality photos, writes a descriptive ads, and puts the vehicles he’s helping sell on all of the current platforms to get the most exposure possible. This shows their vehicle in the best light to the most number of prospective buyers, resulting in clients selling their vehicle for top dollar in a shorter time frame.

From economy vehicles to luxurious exotics, he’s mastered the process, and he’s looking to share his expertise with the world. Despite Max’s young age, he’s already been in the industry for almost 7 years, and he’s ironed out the kinks of the business that he absolutely loves to run. He believes that essentially anyone can do what it is that he does, which is why he will be releasing an upcoming course to share all the knowledge he’s cultivated over the years.

“I’ve been able to create immense success for myself, and that’s great, but the next level for me is seeing other car enthusiasts winning/free”

Max didn’t have “entrepreneurial blood” running through his family, nor did he grow up seeing expensive cars or high levels of success. He was fortunate enough to crack the code, and now he is ready to lay out the process.

You can follow Max on Instagram @maxckarg to keep up with the upcoming launch of his course.

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