McDonald's employees help woman feed the homeless: 'The whole crew came together'

People are thanking McDonald's crew members for their eagerness to prepare an order to distribute to the homeless. (Photo: Facebook)

A woman is thanking McDonald’s employees for their “humility” and eagerness to help her feed homeless people in a poverty-stricken area.

Hazeal Cain and a friend headed out with plates of food to distribute to people in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday. In a Facebook post shared the next day, she described how they quickly ran out of food, and after seeing “disappointment” on people’s faces, went over to a nearby McDonald’s branch to buy some cheeseburgers to hand out instead.

“With all of the mass shootings and horrendous things I've seen on the news I wanted to do something good and bring back some humanity, even if just for a moment,” Cain’s post reads. “So me and a good friend took some plates to feed some of the homeless people in an area that has so many people living in poverty....”

She was shocked with not only how willing crew members at McDonald’s were to help out, but also with the shift manager, Matthew Ortiz, who immediately contributed $20 to their cause.

“Together we purchased over 60 cheeseburgers to give to hungry people ... The hospitality of the whole crew was amazing — how the whole crew came together and made all these burgers and bagged them for us,” Cain wrote. “To see them happy about giving something back was amazing.”

Ortiz, who has worked at this McDonald’s branch for four years, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he donated because his family raised him to always help someone in need — no matter the cost.

“My McDonald’s store has helped before. We have made orders like this and my crew always feels great making the orders knowing they are helping people,” he says. “If you can give back to your community, even if it is just giving someone a water on a hot day or giving someone a little loose change in your pocket, it goes a long way. You can make someone’s day just by smiling and being kind.”

People commented on Cain’s post, many thanking her and McDonald’s for their act of kindness.

“Great job!” one person wrote. “Need more people like you and the crew at McDonald's.”

Another added, “That's so cool. I always loved that McDonald's. The food is always hot and great!”

One person wanted to know if Cain would be doing anything similar in the future, to which she confirmed plans for another food distribution day next month.

“Maybe we can get more people involved ... Maybe have a barbecue downtown and hand out plates and cold sodas and socialize with these people,” she wrote. “It's nice to see them smile and have that hope in their eyes that there is still some good in the world.”

Hazeal Cain and representatives from McDonald’s did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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