What Do You Mean By Good And Bad Phases in Life?

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Have you ever felt that some moments in your life bring immense success and prosperity while some bring along sorrow and dejection? So why do such things happen all of a sudden? What is responsible for all these occurrences? Reach out to the best astrologers at Astroyogi! Call Now!

In the circle of life, you are bound to encounter good or bad phases as these are simply inevitable. There is a saying - ‘Nothing is Permanent’ - which truly defines the truth of life.It gives a promising fact that there will be good phases so don’t lose hope and don’t be too overconfident as the good phases will not last forever.

Your good and bad phases are the timelines deeply linked to your Karmas in your current and previous lives or are a mere representation of your luck, fortunes or mistakes. In this situation of cloudiness, astrology can be a partner to help you identify the linkages and plan accordingly.

Astrology may not be your answer to the problems but a tool to share your pros to help you fight them. It can help you find the correlation of planetary movements in your life and identify their effects. Now chat with astrologer in few clicks!

How does astrology help you deal with the ups and downs of your life?

Before discovering the uniqueness of astrology, you first need to believe it. Once you are a believer, you understand the deep connection of your past experiences in life to your Astrological horoscope chart and can gauge your future to get help in better decision making.

Have you wondered why your success is limited despite many hard-working attempts while your competitor wins the chances by sheer luck? It may be due to the astrological gains which are usually kept at bay and not taken into consideration. Maybe there is Shani dosh in your kundali and no matter how hard you try you are destined for a poor outcome.

There is a stark difference in your behavior that can be observed during the Good and Bad phases in life. The traits associated with good times can be listed as relaxed, ignorant, lazy, overconfident etc. while the traits that one has during bad times would be hardworking, disciplined, effortful, etc.

Each of the phases actually prepares you for the next one. Astrology can be your answer to break this vicious circle and guide you to success. Being successful is just a state and one has to work for higher calling for sustained success.

Sustained success traits can be listed as being humble, genuine, kind and forgiving. Sustained success must be your ultimate goal in life and Astrology can act as your coach and make you learn the game of life so that you can fulfill your goals easily.

The Good or Bad phases in life are the result of the circular way of life of being born and dying. Your calling for the Karmas of this life and the previous ones can help you relive this circle and attain your dreams.

Astrology is a mere platform to guide you to enhance your abilities and traits and to prepare you for real growth. You could be suffering from a bad phase when you have issues with your boss in the office, or having petty issues with your partner or unaccounted financial losses - all could be a simple indicator of a bad phase.

What you need is a correct narrative for these unexplained causes which in an ideal case would have been easily solved but yet they still persist. What you can do is optimize your actions in accordance with the need of the hour. Astrology is your weapon to help curb these problems.

Astrology is an art which devises measures to understand your social and personal needs and problems and a workaround to help you gain your countermeasures. Your Kundali and Horoscope charts could be the key to attaining all your goals and hence gain the values of sustained success.

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