Media Tribe co-founder Rima Mishra does a photoshoot to stand against ‘Body Shaming’


For the longest time, a model or an actress was expected to be of a certain size or shape. She had to be slim and should possess what one calls an hourglass figure. Though these notions still exist, changing times have led to change in perception among a large number of people. Now, we see so many plus-size models advocating the fact that curves are beautiful.

Recently, Rima Mishra, co-founder of the digital media agency Media Tribe got a photoshoot done to convey the same message. The photoshoot was conducted by the celebrated fashion photographer Somsubhro Sarkaar.

Talking about the photoshoot, Rima says, “Since childhood, I have had people commenting on my weight. A lot of my friends and relatives, all of whom happen to be women, have face similar kind of taunts and comments from the people around them. While I am all for healthy living, body shaming and making nasty comments about one’s body structure is a horrible thing to do. Through this photoshoot, I hope to promote body positivity and send a clear message to body shamers that they are irrelevant.”

She further added, “Why do women are always at the receiving end of body shaming? This just goes on to show the sexist and misogynist mindset of people in the country. Not just men, even women pass comments on another woman’s body. Indian women are known to have curvaceous bodies and why should we shy away from flaunting our curves?”.

Rima hopes that the photoshoot inspires several women to come forward and put an end to the bullying that happens around women’s bodies and proudly accept themselves the way they are.
Rima Mishra is also keen to launch her own footwear brand.
While the brand’s initial focus would be to establish it as a footwear outlet, going further Rima plans to delve into other aspects of fashion as well and brand would diversify into other apparels gradually.

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