Meet new Avatar of Eminem in India - Lok Bista (Loka Music) New sensation of Rap world

Ranveer Singh's movie has again lightened up the rap world, and we are going to many shows on television on rap artist. MTV is coming with a show called Hustle. This show will promote young rappers of India who are talented and be the future and represent India with their rap music.

We all know Rapping is not easy to do; it is an exceptional talent, which is only a few have in the entire world. Lok Bista, who is renowned in the rap world, comes from Mumbai but very well known for his Rapping in Entire India.

This young lad has made his name by providing original rap songs in the past few months. He is showing good sign of becoming a world-class rapper. His popularity has helped him gain reality show on MTV's famous show splits-villa. He has also shared the stage with top rappers of our time.

With more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube in a short period of time shows his extraordinary talent in Rapping. People love his all tracks. He is collaborating with many top names of the Industry recently he shared the stage with Raftar who himself is a big name in Rap world in India. Raftar felt Lok Bista is the future of India this lad is blessed with fantastic talent and uniqueness which will take him to the top of the table in the coming years.

Lok Bista has started very well with his Rapping, and we feel he is going to hit it big with his singing and performance. His performance is of the high standard he brings that swag in his style and songs. When you see Lok Bista, you feel he is going to be the name which is going to be in the mouth of every young music lover of India.

Lok Bista has also got the grip of singing in western style with his powerful singing, and that's a big plus for him. Because he might get a chance to share the stage with top rappers of the world and if he does that then he will get a fan following from the western world too.

Lok Bista reminds us, Eminem, he has that charm and style which will give the fame as Eminem received in his life.