Meet Bittu Kumar, The Business Consultant Who Will Helps Businesses Grow

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In today's competitive economic landscape, businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves, improve performance, and increase revenues while keeping expenses to a minimum. Many companies struggle to stay competitive, with day-to-day operations becoming too much for business owners, particularly small companies. Choosing to hire a Management consulting firm will allow them to maintain the status quo and grow.

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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Bittu Kumar, Co-Founder of Enterslice, a Management consulting firm with over 500 employees across three countries. Bittu, currently in Bali, Indonesia, is making a name for himself in the business, marketing, and corporate finance sectors. He has also spent the last 2.5 years traveling the world while making a fortune. Making a name for oneself in business is no easy task, and only a few have succeeded. Bittu Kumar has one such accomplishment.

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When Bittu Kumar isn't managing his company or providing value to his clients, he's writing down his observations for the rest of the world to benefit from. He wrote seven books, ranging from social networking and marketing guides to practical skills like Adobe Photoshop. He also contributes to Forbes Magazine, the world's most popular business publication, which receives over 55 million visitors each month. In addition, he is a member of the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only organization of successful business owners and leaders.

Furthermore, Kumar is working on Wealth Novo. He mentors aspiring entrepreneurs to begin their journeys into the business landscape and escape the snares of nine to five jobs while earning eight figures. Bittu has influenced hundreds of people through his dedication, enthusiasm, and charisma, which appears to be just the beginning.

Kumar is a passionate individual who continues to support aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the world. He enlightens and guides the young talents as they make their way into the game, and he promotes them to achieve any aspirations he or she may have.

He attributes his success to his ability to hustle. Opportunities come to those who try and try again, even when they fail. Here's what he had to say about how he became successful: "My winning trait is hustle, of course. Being a hustler opens doors for you. They say, 'If opportunity doesn't knock on your door, build that door.' I work with this mindset." And we couldn't agree more with this statement.

Kumar also revealed the secret to his company's success and competitive advantage over his competitors. He emphasizes the significance of using and mastering technology. Enterslice uses technology to save time and money. He claims that using software, SOPs, and well-organized systems makes his company 40% more efficient than competitors.

He points out how developing solid Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is crucial in building a company. Without it, things would fall apart quickly. SOPs will ensure that you have a standardized framework and processes, a trained team, and a motivating company culture in place. They will assist you in evaluating more than just what you are doing now but in planning for the future. Suppose your company needs to incorporate a modern management tool, for instance. You must understand how your employees can use the application and how it will affect your business. If you have detailed SOPs, you can use them to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the new tool and ultimately make the right decision.

Bittu Kumar then moves on to talk about consulting firms and why they are essential. He understands that businesses can face poor performances at times, especially when they are just starting. And while passion and commitment are good assets, they may become barriers in identifying problems or avenues for improvement. An outside perspective, especially from those who have the expertise and know-how to contribute, can make all the difference. A consulting firm can be a powerful ally in this. They are often familiar with the common, and indeed more peculiar, problems similar businesses face and use that knowledge to find practical solutions.