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Priyanka Chopra

PeeCee played a super model in the film Fashion, which depicted the life of a model. The actress not just wore designer clothes to suit the role, but also smoke and consumed liquor for a few scenes in the film. Nevertheless, her efforts paid off!

Meet Bollywood’s ‘smoking’ hot ladies!

Until a couple of years ago, smoking was banned in movies. However, the Supreme Court later permitted smoking scenes in films, with a static message displayed during that particular scene.

It was after this that directors took liberty and portrayed smoking in movies. Bollywood divas have been bold about doing out-of-the-box roles and a taboo like smoking was also accepted without much hassle.

From the very conservative Vidya Balan to bold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut, here’s a look at Bollywood ladies who have taken a puff or two onscreen.

Image Credit: Movie Talkies