Meet Brianna Gooden: A Businesswoman Taking the Financial Markets by Storm

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Famous ENTRAs like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk are leading the entrepreneurial community by example. And while most individuals 'talk the talk' of having the world by a string, defying the gravity of entrepreneurial challenges, only a few like Brianna Gooden are able to 'walk the walk' - a Brooklyn born self-made businesswoman whose creativity and hard work has allowed her to rake in the dollars by becoming her own boss.

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Brianna started out as a sales associate at Modell’s Sporting Goods at the age of 16. After graduating from the Old Dominion University of Norfolk in Virginia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, she secured professional employment as a paralegal. After a successful start to her career, Brianna soon felt the tires of a monotonous 9-5 employment and knew after only a few months that it was time for a change that would bring her closer to the actualization of her dreams.

"As the days passed by and I kept waking up early to go to work, stayed there for 9 hours, and then leave to go home and do it again the next day I started to understand that I deserve more. There was no way that I could spend another 40+ years before retirement doing the same thing every day building someone else's business/dream. I started dreading going to work and I started developing anxiety while there," says Brianna.

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Gooden understood early on that the idealization portrayed to many young Americans of the path to success being formal education followed by employment on the corporate ladder, is not the only path for the modern forward-thinking individual. Brianna’s entrepreneurial spirit was awakened when she started babysitting on weekends for families in Norfolk, Virginia and the Beach Area, giving her the first taste of the limitless possibilities to achieving financial independence.

"I was first introduced to the idea of entrepreneurship when I was 20. I started babysitting for a bunch of different families that would call me when they needed me and I was able to charge them whatever I wanted but more importantly, I was able to accept or deny the job at my own will. That’s when I first started to understand what it was like to be in control of my time and finances," says Brianna.

Brianna has now built what started off as a means to make an extra few dollars on the weekends, into a full-blown agency: “Bliss Babysitting LLC”, providing customized childcare. Brianna’s business focuses on creating connections between a network of families in need of babysitters and nannies, and experienced independent contractors looking for work.

With the success of her budding babysitting business under her belt, the serial entrepreneur set herself on the path to uncover new and unconventional ways to make money. Drilling down on a few options tailored to her skill sets in communication and finance, she got connected with Tradehouse Investment Group - the platform that allowed her to traverse through the learning curve of forex trading and multi-level marketing.

To date, Brianna has been able to rake in big dollars from forex trading and multi-level marketing. She is doing a land-office business in the aforementioned fields, and has expanded her client base internationally.

Talking about the success of her business, the influential entrepreneur says:

"The majority of my business specifically is located in New York and Atlanta,
but we also have a bunch of individuals located all through the rest of the United States and the UK. Tradehouse has over 80,000+ members nationally ranging from areas in the Caribbean, Africa & Europe."

Brianna continues to seek opportunities to expand her skill sets and diversify her streams of income, building her newest business “BriMars Sweet Tooth”, offering teeth whitening and tooth gem services. Just like she has tailored herself to experience the sweet taste of success, Brianna makes it a priority to work with people from all walks of life, teaching them the way to strike gold with minimum investments and find success by working with mentors experienced in the industry.

Talking about how she hopes to impact those she works with, Brianna says:

"The objective of my business is to help people become aware that exchanging time for money is the old way of doing things. In due time almost everything will be digital! I want to help people get in front of this information before the masses do. Especially because I know firsthand how life-changing it was for me, but more importantly the way I’ve been able to impact the lives of others with this opportunity. On a daily basis we strive to educate, empower, and enrich people with the skill set they need to successfully trade currencies in the Foreign Exchange Market.

She further stated:

"My investment group helps people elevate in more ways than just one. We help people achieve financial freedom, get them out of the job that they might hate, introduce them to multiple streams of income as well as assist them in shifting their paradigm. For most individuals around my age or younger, I am their first introduction to financial literacy in terms of investing."

Brianna continues to break the mold in more ways than one and creates excitement and enthusiasm in young people seeking a new way to achieve financial freedom, by sharing her story of cutting the Gordian knots tying her to a life of corporate climbing to finding success as a multifaceted businesswoman and entrepreneur.