Meet Celebrity Influencer and US National Latin Champion Tonya Hoodyakova


Influencer marketing is the future of advertisement. Every brand has started aligning their synergies with social media influencers as a means to adapt a more effective marketing strategy and gain a higher reach. Breaking away from the shackles and monopoly of traditional marketing, these dynamic celebrities are challenging the entire system. In the wake of this brand new revolution in the advertisement industry, many stellar influencers have risen to fame. One such young face who has attracted brands and followers alike is US National Latin Champion, Tonya Hoodyakova.

Born as Antonina Khudyakova in 2006 in Moscow, Russia, Tonya is the daughter of famous Russian director and producer Pavel Hoodyakov. Tonya developed a passion for dancing at an early age, and her parents encouraged her to help take her talent to the next level. They gave wings to her talent by helping her participate in various dance shows and contests. Her potential was soon recognized on noticeable platforms, which gave the young star a newfound direction. The dancing diva rose to fame and has been unstoppable ever since.

Tonya has won several dance championships, such as the U.S. National Dancesport Champions (Professional Latin), US OPEN, Millennium Dancesport Championship, California Open, Royal Ball, Boca Ballroom, Florida State Championship, Palm Beach Classic, Emerald Ball Dancesport Championship, and several others in USA and Russia. Her sterling talent has been recognized internationally. On answering why she chose the career of dancing, Tonya gleefully said, “Dancing makes me happy and cheers me up whenever I feel sad. It is my biggest passion!”

Dancing isn’t the only thing in which Tonya has excelled. Owing to her amazing sense of fashion and styling, she has gained over a whopping 300K followers on her Instagram. Although she is a pre-teen and hence, her manager manages her account, the number of followers keeps increasing with each passing day. She is a fashion inspiration for thousands of teenagers across the world. She is a promoter of clothes and accessories for some of the crème de crème brands, such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes, and has also been featured on the cover of several magazines including Tatler.

With influencers like Tonya Hoodyakova, brands are diversifying their marketing strategy. In modern times, influencer marketing is one of the most genuine, authentic and far-reaching ways of resonating most closely with your audience. It expands horizons and creates better, more targeted ads, ones that can reach out to potential customers across the world. This is the golden era of influencer marketing, and it is most definitely here to stay. It’s only logical for national icons such as Tonya to make the most of it.


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