Meet Danny Genao: An Entrepreneur Breaking the Mould To Achieve Financial Independence

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On January 27th, 1999, in Brooklyn, NY, a child was born who would grow up to prove that not everyone needs a degree to achieve greatness and success in life. He is a true inspiration for those who want to start their own business, but social pressure keeps them from actualizing their dreams! We are talking about Danny Genao. An entrepreneur who went against the grain and became a full-time trader in the foreign exchange & crypto markets.

Danny grew up in the Dominican Republic and then moved to Paterson, NJ. He began his high school education in Paterson, but dropped out after the 11th grade. Despite his lack of a complete high school education, Danny had other skills up his sleeve and secured various employment opportunities. Growing up, Danny obtained culinary skills from his family that landed him a role of assistant chef at a popular restaurant. He was then introduced to a part time catering job where he served people at events and parties. Months later, he started working at Wendy's where he began to realize his exceptional skills in customer service. While working at Wendy’s he got a part time job at Chipotle where he quickly climbed the ladder to become a Kitchen Manager, then a Service manager.

Two years later, after hard work honing his leadership and communication skills, he was offered the opportunity to become a General Manager in a meat distribution company with a salary that exceeded anything he had ever been offered. Despite being involved in the food industry his entire life, Danny knew there were so many opportunities waiting for him if he stepped outside the comfort of a 9-5 employment to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship.

"Growing up, I always knew I wanted to run my own business and not have to work for anybody,” says Danny.

Every job that Danny was introduced to taught him that working hard will take him places and open doors - and when doors open, more opportunities are waiting on the other side. The biggest opportunity that marked the beginning of Danny’s journey into entrepreneurship was his introduction to network marketing. With his existing charm and flare for communication, Danny progressed quickly and earned figures he never would have imagined while working his 9-5.

Currently, Danny Genao is a full-time trader in the foreign exchange & crypto markets. His life's objective is to help people realize they don't need a college degree to succeed. He puts people in the position to become entrepreneurs and live the lifestyle they desire. Danny understands that society has always placed a big focus on traditional employment, living check to check and working full-time all year long. Most people either don't have the time to do what they desire, don't have the money to do what they like, or both. He wants to bring a change for as many individuals as possible, teaching them how to become financially independent by making passive income from the comfort of their own home.

When discussing what inspired Danny to take the plunge and leave his corporate job to pursue a career outside of the norm, he says:

"My older brothers, who are currently entrepreneurs owning several businesses, properties, & multiple investments, are who inspired me to not only become an entrepreneur but to never give up on myself and take on any challenges thrown my way to succeed in my business. Giving up doesn't run in our blood."

Danny shares seven pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, that helped him to actualize his dreams and he continues to utilize on a regular basis:

Temporarily sacrifice where you are now to get to where you want to be.

Don't let negative results or feedback discourage you.

Acquire a strong desire & belief to make your vision a reality.

Stay humble & stay consistent- no days off

Have patience, grow through the process & don't burn yourself out

Get educated and constantly look for ways to become better than the day before.

Danny hopes that the most important lesson that will be taken from his success story is that we have to trust the process and understand that nothing in life will come too quickly nor too easily. We need to recognize that great things take time, hard work and dedication to accomplish. Increased time and effort leads to increased longevity in your endeavours.

Danny Genao idealized the legends like Bob Proctor, Alex Morton, Bryce Thompson, Dr. Raphael Spiller, & Eric Thomas. These people helped him develop the growth of his business. Now, after hearing his story, Danny hopes that aspiring entrepreneurs will work to discover what inspires them, find a mentor who can teach them, and reach a place where they can in turn inspire others. Keeping up this momentum of paving the way for new entrepreneurs will one day create a world that’s an even better place to live in!