Meet Denisa Mrvova, Known as Denisa Mzungu, Talented Dancer From Bratislava, Slovakia

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Denisa is notoriously known for her viral instagram videos that have circulated for years on social media and been shared by people like Missy Elliott, Mr Eazi or Fally Ipupa. All-around dancer Denisa is uniquely equipped in modern african dance styles such as; coupé décalé, kuduro, ndombolo or afro house. She has been active in the industry for more than 5 years and is well-known for her educational and fun ways of teaching.

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Her classes and tutorials include additional information about cultural aspects of the dance styles, which shows her commitment to educate.

Denisa does not serve the community only as a dance teacher. She single-handedly set up numerous campaigns to support humanitarian organisations located specifically in places, where the dance styles she teaches come from. Her last project was in collaboration with NGO CavoEquiva that fights against violations of children’s rights in Ivory Coast.

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Denisa is a pioneer and the first person in Slovakia to educate about specific modern dance afro styles like coupé décalé or ndombolo and african pop culture as all.

With all the views, she occasionally receives negative comments on her videos but says: “I’m adoring and respecting this culture deeply. I love bringing people together and I think dance is something that connects us no matter the background and can lift us all. It surely changed my life and the lives of those around me. Some people started dancing after meeting me, became more expressive, happier or more interested in African culture. These people and experiences are a reminder for me to keep going and staying focused on the good.”

In a question and answer, we asked Denisa, what inspired you to dance afro?

What inspired you to dance afro?

I danced ever since I was a child and was always loving dance styles that are groovy and come out naturally. Modern african music brings out the best of me and that is why I enjoy dancing to it the most. The explosive but sometimes smooth moves simply make me feel happy and energized.

Tell your fans something they don’t know about you?

I still get surprised messages about my new location - I recently (yes during a world pandemic haha) moved from Bratislava, my hometown, to London UK!

What have you found most difficult about your journey in Afro dance.

The most difficult for me in this journey was dealing with (especially online) negativity. It usually happens when people see only one video of me and maybe misunderstand my intentions of doing this style.

How have you acquired such great knowledge on the dances you teach.

- I have been that student that would ask extra questions and write notes at workshops, so that helped a lot. I always got back to notes, did online research, watched videos, read articles as well, I just wanted to know more. I have also met some great people that I can call my mentors, who were really helpful. Some even took me to local happenings in Accra (Ghana) or Abidjan (Ivory Coast). I’m endlessly grateful!

What’s next for Denisa Mrvova known as Denisa Mzungu?

As soon as we are able to travel, I will be catching up on all those events / workshops that have been postponed. This pandemic reminded us all how dance is a very social activity. I can’t wait to be back in the studio with people, pushing through and creating. Besides dancing and teaching, a few things are in the making (street wear x charity project). Also as I am now based in London, which I feel like I haven’t explored it enough yet - as a city but also as a place, where the creative industry is really huge, so I’m really excited.