Meet the Doctor Healing the World With Her Words: Bhawna Gautam

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It is said “There's power in words, there's power in being able to explain and describe and articulate what you know and feel. They not only impact others, but they also impact us.” Dr. Bhawna Gautam, is one such medical professional, author and motivational speaker who has that rare and skillful ability to inspire people to find a way. She has well over 1 million followers on her social media handles, which proves people need more motivation than ever before.

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A curious blend of passion, ambition, and zeal fuels Dr Bhawna’s busy lifestyle. When speaking on her transition from medicine to motivational speaker and author, Dr Bhawna shared, “When she started her professional career, she chose medicine because she wanted to do something altruistic. Making this world a better place was something she has always aimed for and prioritized. As the time passed, after achieving personal and materialistic success, she felt the emptiness so decided to continue her passion of writing that can be useful for others.” She switched gears and started connecting to people on social media. Soon she felt that people are never taught about life, how to practically live it and that's where most of the people fail.

Always on the leading edge and cusp of new trends, the young dental surgeon and speaker has become a true pacesetter and a familiar name who writes and posts everyday original content that includes practical aspects of life, spiritual connection and way of life. Even from her very busy schedule, she has been actively putting together a time out for her passion to inspire people. Dr. Bhawna says “Lack of motivation is one of the root causes of health problems. It is one of the major reasons people are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic disease at an earlier age."

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Her first book, “50 Best of the Power of Thoughts and Imaginations Quotes” have been positively reviewed by the critics. This book contains the original quotes and expressions in such a way that you will feel a connection with every quote in an inspirational way. Dr. Bhawna has also announced that her new book, “Ancient Mind In Modern Body” will be released soon in 2021.

Dr. Bhawna strongly believes in stepping out of her comfort zone and discovering the power of motivation and connecting with people. The idea that entrepreneurs are dreamers, as well as doers, pushed her on the path to pursue her passion to inspire people to do good. Owing to her medical, and thinking abilities, her mind is constantly active, thinking of new ideas that are practical, usable, and simple from a perspective of making the quality of life better.

Dr. Bhawna is certainly one to follow in 2021 and into the future. Her positivity and clear desire to give back has inspired her readers and excited to see what is in store for her in the future to spread positivity and motivation to those who need it the most.