Meet Dr. Abby E Royal a well-known dentist by profession

Dr. Abby E Royal was born in London, United Kingdom and raised in Paris till the age of Five. At the height of the Iranian revolution, her parents relocated to Tehran when she was 5 years old.

She obtained her high school and later moved to London obtained a bachelor in biological science degree from Anglia University in Cambridge and then moved to the United States where she earned another bachelor’s degree in double major Art and science.

She then completed her Doctor of dental medicine (D.M.D) from the University of Pittsburgh School of dental medicine. She also obtained her post-doctor degree after completion of D.M.D in Arizona.

Dr. Abby E Royal’s paternal grandfather was a Doctor ALI Akbar Etemad known as Hakim alsaltane, He also established the health center at roads and transportation and became a ministry of roads transportation. He was also chairman of school of pharmacy which he established himself. He achieved the title of “ Hakim Al Saltane “ Doctor of king “ by Ahmad shah in Qajar Dynasty.

Dr. Abby E Royal is very unique as she comes from monarchy family, She has a passion for dentistry and along with that, she loves fashion and beauty. Dr is very active in her community by giving dental care for her patients.