Meet Dubai's celebrity blogger Lavina Israni

In today’s digital era, is it necessary that you have to be an entrepreneur, politician or film star to gain popularity? Probably not. The focus right now are superstars built on the Internet, which we know as bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers.

Anyone can get online and share their views, but what gets them to reach celebrity status?

Lavina Israni started blogging at the age of 23 from her home in Dubai

Let’s look at the case of Lavina Israni. Her name comes on top of the list of the most well-known bloggers from Dubai. She has built an empire by sharing her viewpoints on topics such as upcoming restaurants, traveling tips, movie reviews, and fitness. Lavina is an example of a star being born out of new media who has used the Internet to showcase her blogging talents since January 2015.

People follow Internet celebrities thoroughly. In a real sense, bloggers like Lavina Israni are the real influencers of the 21st century, where online traffic on their website and social media accounts are so real and exponential that audiences will flock to whichever places they recommend.

Lavina was interviewed by Dubai Eye 103.8 in November 2018

Lavina is one of the first bloggers in Dubai who started blogging as a full-time career. She has been honoured multiple times for her contribution in the blogging industry by Middle East’s leading newspapers and magazines such as Khaleej Times, Gulf News, and The National. She has also been seen at trade shows and industry events such as GITEX Tech Week as a public speaker, where she has shared her opinion on the future of Internet marketing.

Lavina at GulfHost 2018 as a conference speaker

Besides talking about food and travel, she has met and interviewed many Bollywood celebrities such as Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, and Sunny Leone to name a few. We have also spotted her training with Bollywood celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala in Dubai on many occasions.

Besides Bollywood celebrities, we have also seen Lavina meet and cook with the world’s most famous celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heinz Beck, Iron Chef Morimoto, and Vineet Bhatia.

Lavina is one of the most famous faces on the Internet in recent times, and she is gaining immense popularity worldwide as her fan following grows at a rapid pace on social media.

You can get in touch with her and enjoy her views, pictures and videos on Instagram @lavinaisranicom . You can visit her website for features and special reports:

Here's wishing Lavina Israni all the best for her bright future! We want to keep seeing her share her entertaining yet informative content for us to enjoy.